Embroidery Hoop Cat Christmas Ornaments

September 15, 2014

I am the first to say that I am not truly a ‘cat person’ – I have never owned a cat and I don’t really spend a lot of time with felines. However! I do love cats in broader sense – the internet sensation that is cats, the memes, the LOLz… I just love a good cat moment. And this has warmed me up to the idea of maybe possibly owning a cat someday. But right now, I just adore cats as a pop culture icon.

There are a great number of people who love cats because they have them though, obviously, and I understand that because I have a dog and I love her to bits.

So for all you cat lovers – I have created some cat ornaments for this holiday season!

I have Kitty in Crown

cat ornament embroidered 2

and Santa Hat Cat

cat ornament embroidered 2

Come take a closer look at them in my shop!

I’m working on some other items that feature cats as well. Cats in hats is my new name, I think. Can you think of any other hats the cat could be wearing?

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Thrift Store Needlework, Embroidery and Cross Stitch

September 8, 2014

I’ve been popping into the thrift stores a bunch this summer – i’ve always been bit of a frugalista, and I have recently experienced a resurgence of love for thrifting.

In my travels, I have spotted a number of discarded, corny, awesome, vintage, and gaudy pieces of stitched art.

Some of them are absolutely fabulous in their old crumbliness. Some are just traditional corny.

Here are some of my favorites:

thrift store embroidery



thrift store embroidery



thrift store embroidery


Oddly, the pineapple brings this piece into the present and could actually be considered trendy.

thrift store embroidery


Someone really loved their spider plant.

thrift store embroidery


Another pineapple?! Some people missed the memo these are trendy right now.

thrift store embroidery


Sad. Hopefully the sisters are still on good terms.

thrift store embroidery

I actually considered buying this one to add to my collage wall but I didn’t have 58 cents in cash and I thought it would be pretty stupid to debit that.

thrift store embroidery


A little weird, yup, definitely weird.

Of course I can’t help but notice the incredibly low prices – and yes, I realize these are thrift store finds. But still, it’s sort of sad to see something handmade end up for like, $2 at the thrift store… even if it is old, crumbly and otherwise out of style.

I always try to leave the needlework pieces prominently displayed before leaving… you know, to help with merchandising – unless the piece is creepy, then I just put it face down and back away.

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Merriweather Council Initial Necklaces Wholesale Information

September 5, 2014

I love sending big batches of necklaces off to shops around the country… and sometimes, the world! And I would love to work with more shops – your shop?! YES!

merriweather council initial necklaces A revised packet of wholesale information is available now for retailers! Please email me for a copy!



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The Merriweather Council in The Knot Magazine

September 2, 2014


Super super exciting times right here. My own personal wedding was featured in The Knot New York! Obviously, since it was MY wedding, there were Merriweather Council hand embroidered goodies there and they are also featured! I’m very honored, humbled and excited about this.

As you may know, weddings are the sort of thing that you don’t fully know what you are doing and by the time you figure it out, you don’t really need to know it any more. So I’m kinda surprised in some ways that our wedding was ‘cool’ <i guess?> enough to be featured anywhere.

This is the fall issue of The Knot New York and it has been out for a few weeks but I only just got my own copy as it wasn’t really available here in VA.

Check it out:

merriweather council in the knot


There is also a bit on their website about it you can read it here.

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