10 Times People Want to Hear From You

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10 Time People Want to Hear From You | The Merriweather Council Blog

10 times people want to hear from you

UH-OH, party foul! Or should we say business foul? Either way, here are 10 of them that you might be committing. Yes, that’s right, I’m saying that you keeping quiet is a no-no.

When people go out shopping for things they need, it doesn’t need to be an experience. It doesn’t matter either way if the stroll down the paper towel aisle is entertaining or educational or informative or otherwise memorable. People need paper towels, they go on auto pilot to buy them.

But products like yours – handmade products – are not necessities, they are luxuries, or gifts, or just for fun. People buy these things for fun! So make it fun for them to shop with you! Or at least make it more enjoyable than the quiet, lonely stroll down the plastic baggy aisle.

Here are 10 times people wanted to hear from you – have a more unique / different experience shopping – but didn’t.

  1. When you started that email list but never sent any emails.
  2. When you second guessed yourself about posting about your product on Instagram.
  3. When they couldn’t find your email address.
  4. When your product description was seriously lacking.
  5. When you were a vendor at a show but sat quietly in your booth the whole time until someone wanted to pay.
  6. When you didn’t post to your Facebook page for six months.
  7. When you thought about creating a new product but were afraid no one would like it or that it’s all been done before.
  8. When you never posted an introduction or about page.
  9. When you didn’t run a sale because you didn’t want to annoy people.
  10. When someone left a negative review so you went silent for a while.

Don’t hide your voice, personality, or other traits that help you stand apart! They cannot help you if no one knows about them!

Happy selling!

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