My Hoops Live THE Life. I Stay Home and Make More.

February 16, 2012

Check out this fabulous, full of handmade awesomeness, wedding that my hoops attended! I can’t even believe I got to be part of something so magical.

I get lots of inquiries about wedding related embroidery projects and I have to say, I really love them! So many creative ideas and I am always totally honored when someone asks little old me to be part of their big day!

Thanks to bride Megan for sharing this with me!! Megan told me she will be hanging these in her kitchen now that the wedding is over.

{the rest of the wedding is documented here}

And big thanks to Megan’s photographer, Jonas Peterson, for taking these gorgeous photos and making the hoops look lovely!


If you are getting married or have a special event coming up and want to chat about an embroidered project for it, please contact me! Danielle @



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10 thoughts on “My Hoops Live THE Life. I Stay Home and Make More.

  1. Megan

    Hi Danielle – thanks for your sweet words about our wedding. I love, love, loved how the hoops turned out. You’re the clever one!

  2. Katie

    What an honour to have your work used in such a beautiful way – they look GREAT, it’s a fabulous idea! Gorgeous work, and a gorgeous wedding, and gorrrrrgeous photographs! YIPPEEE!!!!
    Katie. xxx


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