About The Council

The Merriweather Council, LLC, occasionally hereafter known as “The Council”, is the hand child (I would say brain child but I would be remiss if I pretended I use my brain more than my hands) of Danielle Spurge, maker in residence.

danielle spurge | the merriweather council blog

Started in 2010, The Council is comprised of Pursuit: an online boutique and Etsy shop, and Support: a blog about the goings on in mini business life + a place for encouraging others to live up to their creative potential and share their creative work with confidence – be it for profit or not.

The Merriweather Council shop specializes in  hand embroidery with an emphasis on stitched text and letterforms. By combining vintage and contemporary materials with fun and colorful prints and stitching, The Merriweather Council signature idea, look + feel is that of a classic craft, with a modern and whimsical twist.

danielle spurge | the merriweather council blog

Both components of The Council are owned and operated by Danielle with help from Mom. Thanks, Mom!

The Council blog aims to encourage and support creatives to share their creativity in whatever forms feel right whether the goal is to make money or not and to highlight creativity and creative encounters!

Please don’t be shy! I love meeting + getting to know makers + creatives! Leave a comment with your shop or blog so I can visit!


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