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3 things makers and etsy sellers should know about b-school | the merriweather council blog

In 2011 I was a brand new, baby entrepreneur, fresh out of college, making my way into the big world. I was also sitting around my apartment in Boston wishing I could join up with all the amazing business owners I was following online for this elusive program called “B-School”… I barely knew what it was, I just knew all the smart people I admire were taking it or had taken it. So I wanted to take it, too.

Their results were speaking for themselves, and I wanted results, duh.

>> Get a taste of B-School right here.

So in 2012, I made it happen – and basically, everything changed after that. Not overnight – not even close – and things evolve and grow every year. B-School helped me move forward and continue to move forward every year. Let’s face it – confidence in what you’re doing and having some insight from those who have gone before can make or break you as a business owner.

But this post is not about me and my experience with B-School, read on to see how I can share that with you if you’re interested. This post is about what you should know about B-School as a maker in business, an Etsy seller, a craftsperson…

First, let’s clear up what B-School IS!

B-School is Marie Forleo’s program for entrepreneurs who are working online. B-School opens for enrollment just once per year and runs in real time this year from 3.6-4.28 but is available to access year-round. Marie is the mother of online entrepreneurship – she is brilliant. Enrollment opens later this month.

Now here are 3 key things you should know about it:

Marie is a brilliant business goddess

Marie Forleo is our fearless B-School leader. Marie has the insight and experience – as well as the style and personality – to deliver hugely valuable info for business owners. No matter what stage of business you are in or what industry you focus on, Marie’s advice is applicable – she covers what is timeless while being up on the latest and greatest. She blends it all together. Marie has been walking the walk for YEARS and has been recognized by the likes of Oprah and Richard Branson. When you enter Marie’s world, your world changes for the better – whether you pay her or not!

It’s not a lot of money for what it is

You can get a taste of B-School right here with a free training from Marie.

Marie’s B-School program is worth every penny plus about a million other pennies you don’t even have to pay. B-School is an 8 week program that runs in real time once per year but is accessible 24/7/365. You can access B-School and any updated versions of it year after year – no cost! This basically means you are buying into Marie’s wisdom and the incredible hive-mind that is her community of students. This community is diverse – full of brilliant business owners from all industries. Access to this community ALONE is probably worth more than you’ll pay for your entire B-School experience. Marie knows this isn’t money you find in the couch cushions so she offers a payment plan to help you make this happen. Remember it is an investment in your business – a gift that keeps on giving, really.

Ready to grow your online business with heart, soul, and smarts? Watch this new video workshop - it's free! | the merriweather council blog Ready to grow your online business with heart, soul, and smarts? Watch this new video workshop – it’s free! | the merriweather council blog[/caption]

I can help you decide

This is a space for us to learn from Marie together and chat about all things B-School before and during enrollment. So join us today for maximum help deciding!

See you there!

This post contains an affiliate link. I fully believe in the power of this work given my personal experience with the B-School course content and may earn a referral fee if you purchase through my link.
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