Episode 015: The Important Thing that Square Space Doesn’t Do

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Episode 015: The Important Thing that Square Space Doesn't Do | the merriweather council podcast

So you’re ready to make your own ecommerce website!

… Because you have heard about all the benefits and good stuff that comes from establishing your own branded shop online. AWESOME. There are lots of options when it comes to building your online shop but the ultimate goal is the same no matter which platform you use: sales! We all know that fewer obstacles equals better chance of sales happening, right? Right. We also know that SquareSpace can help you build a gorgeous website and is one of the most commonly looked at options. However, there is one thing SquareSpace doesn’t do that you should really care about!

It might also be worth noting that there is not API with SquareSpace like there is with Shopify, so you cannot add functionality to your site alone with apps or plugins. I tell you this because if you are going to invest the time and money into something you want to be sure it can actually do all that you’d need or want it to.

 In this episode, I will tell you about:

  • The thing Squarespace isn’t able to do.
  • The reason why this functionality is a pretty big deal.
  • The platform I suggest you use to build your shop instead, Shopify.

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If you clickity click right here, you’ll see some steps that involved lots of code and scariness… this is the reason people use SquareSpace – to avoid coding.

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  1. Hi Danielle. Just like you have a bias towards Shopify, I have a bias towards Squarespace. Here’s how I see things: I do agree that using Paypal is convenient….It’s nice when a markeplace offers Paypal. I don’t see the Squarespace/Paypal issue as problem in my own business, as I am not my target market. My buyers tend to skew older (40-65) and are less inclined to have a paypal account. I just did an audit of my Etsy shop, and 100% of my buyers over the past year have paid with credit cards and NOT Paypal. Also, so many people who are shopping on a mobile device these days that have the ability to store CC information. Lastly, Apple Pay has now been integrated into the Squarespace shopping cart! That’s huge!

    I’m enjoying listening to your episodes. Thanks for all the good info!

    • Its great that you know what your audience is doing when it comes to payment. My point with the episode was 1. to inform people who might not realize this issue with SS and 2. to reiterate the shopify does ALL of it. So there is always the OPTION. Shopify accepts apple pay too. I think you’re definitely right, it is EASIER than ever to store info for mobile etc, but I’m the heaviest internet user i know, i use password software that could store cc info and i don’t use apple pay OR stored CC info. I just want people to know before they embark on it basically. Nothing against SS at all, just think people should be aware.

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