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Today I am SO pumped to tell you that I woke up a few mornings ago and felt a surge of inspiration to FULLY UPDATE my free Shopify training.

What is my free Shopify training, you ask?

Why did it need to be updated, you ask?

Well, first of all, it didn’t really NEED to be updated. But Shopify changed a bunch of cosmetic layout things since I first recorded it and things were in different spots and whatever — just looked a little different. And you know, it’s MEANT to be for people who are BRAND NEW to the platform, so obviously the more that changes, the harder it is to translate.

That being said, this training has helped hundreds of sellers make a smart decision for themselves about whether Shopify is a good fit for them. And those who have decided Shopify was good for them, have used my training to start up faster and stronger! What is better than that?!

I have been using and LOVING Shopify for the past 4 years. It has given me the ability to run and maintain my own website to sell on with ease. They have amazing support. The interface is intuitive and the features are incredible. I’ve been able to customize a site that works for me and that I feel proud to send people to. Even more important: it is secure, safe and reliable!! Find out more about Shopify and why I love it here.

My Free Shopify Boosted Start training is, first of all, FREE! It is meant to help you get your Shopify site up and running with less intimidation. There are some obstacles everyone will face when starting to use Shopify, and my goal with this training is to get you past those things as quickly as possible so you can get to selling! Or simply get to figuring out if Shopify will work for you while you’re still in a trial period.

When I first started my Shopify account, I was so intimidated and slow moving. Some of the things that I cover in this free training confounded me for actual months. It’s laughable. It’s okay, you can laugh at me for that lol.

Here are the 2 easy steps you must take to get access to my training, for free!:

FIRST you must click here to either start a trial or a Shopify account. This is my affiliate link, in exchange for referring you to Shopify, Shopify gives me a small kickback if you do end up starting a plan with them. They offer a free trial so there is no risk to try it out! You can either start a free trial or a paid plan using that link, and get access to my training.

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Thank you for using my affiliate link!

Can’t wait to help you discover this AMAZING tool for your business!

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