How is aftcra Different From Etsy?

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How is aftcra different from Etsy? | The Merriweather Council Blog
I know you are probably super curious about Amazon Handmade right now, but I am going to suggest you check out aftcra, again. Aftcra is different from Etsy, different from Amazon and might be a great new frontier to explore.

What is aftcra?

Earlier this year I introduced you to aftcra, a new online marketplace for American makers. Was your interest peaked? Have you tried it out yet?

What makes aftcra different from Etsy?

I wanted to give you some more info about aftcra, as supplied by her founder, Erica! The most common thing people ask her is ‘ how is aftcra different from Etsy?’
Erica wanted to answer that question as she is sure many of you have dabbled with selling on Etsy. (Or more than dabbled.)
Here is what she told me:
1. The major differentiator between aftcra and Etsy is that aftcra only features artists who make their goods by hand. As you know, Etsy changed their mission in October of 2013 (right when aftcra launched) to state that they would allow their artisans to sell manufactured goods. aftcra is a marketplace that exclusively sells handcrafted goods.2. aftcra is limited to American artisans. Any shoppers looking to participate the “Made in America” movement or support a local maker can come to aftcra and know that everyone lives in the USA. Shoppers can also easily find artisans in their local communities.3. aftcra only charges a fee when you sell your product, so the only risk it takes for you to open a shop on aftcra is your time to upload your goods.4. aftcra is a family-owned business located in Milwaukee, WI. We aren’t some big corporation with hundreds of employees. Instead we are a very small team of handmade enthusiasts who are not only here to help you set up your shop and list your products, but to promote your goods. Any questions, concerns, suggestions you may have are received by us and responded to within 24 hours.

I like to say that aftcra is the new kid on the block – we’re new, we’re young, and we’re growing. We would love to work with any of you and help support our American makers.

If you are making your products in America, by hand, then you can sell them on aftcra! Don’t forget, there are tons of benefits to being an early adopter to a new platform, including gaining momentum before many others even consider setting foot on it.  Trust  me, you want to have your foot in the door once things start to take off.
So what do you think? Will you give aftcra a try? Do you have any other questions about aftcra?

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