some of my favorite things

that i’m 99% sure you’ll love, too!

*Do be aware that some of these links are affiliate links or referral links. That means I may get a small commission if you happen to purchase through them (there is no additional cost to you – your experience is exactly the same as it would be.) Rest assured I wouldn’t bother telling you about something that I didn’t use, love or trust. Why would I? So carry on with confidence.


Use this link to open your Etsy shop and get your first 40 listings for free!


Shopify is gold! is powered by Shopify. After using a very non-intuitive system for the first iteration of my site, I was looking for something easy to use, clearly laid out, and with great customer support – Shopify is all of this and more. I am constantly amazed at the quality of their customer service and the back end is so easy to use and manage, I actually enjoy updating my site now. They also have low cost monthly plans, lots of apps you can add to suit your needs and their own payment processor which you can use in addition to PayPal. I give it a TEN. You can try it out for free and get my free video training to get started with a boost.

Creative Market

OH goodness, I am just OBSESSED with Creative Market. I buy so many things here: fonts, graphics, icons, backgrounds… literally any digital thing you need, they have it. But just know this is the beginning of the end… prepare to be obsessed.


Dropbox is AMAZING. Seriously what did we do before we had it? I have lots of things set up to save automatically to Dropbox which is a huge relief because I use many gadgets and my Carbonite plan only covers my main computer. So like to have lots of back ups in place. Dropbox accounts are free! Get yours today!


Trello is my new best friend. I use it to organize ALL THE THINGS. It’s sort of hard to explain so just go ahead and check it out. You won’t regret it. I find it is easier to use than Evernote and more reliable with updates and saving.


Pixelmatr is my number one go to app for photo editing and graphic making. Nearly everything digital that I make is made in Pixelmator. If you are familiar to Photoshop, you’ll love Pixelmator. It’s got a lot of the same layouts, features and tools. Best part? It’s $30! Seriously. It’s great and there’s really not much more to it.

laser printer

You need a laser printer! Especially if you print shipping labels at home, you DO NOT want to use an ink jet printer for that. I have this one and it’s perfect.

iphone desk mount

iPhone desk mount, anyone? Perfect for scopes or overhead video! There are lots of models, but this is the one I have.

paper + shark spreadsheet

Need to get your money in order? Whether you have lots of sales channels or just one, a Paper + Spark spreadsheet can help you get your ducks in a row. These are made specifically for handmade shop owners BY a shop owner who also happens to be an accountant. Can’t really go wrong with these.


I have an accountant BUT if that’s not an option, try FreshBooks I have heard multiple good things about this.

be your own cfo course

Be Your Own CFO is a course developed by my accountant! Learn to manage, understand and keep better track of your business money and finances.

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