She Thought She Was Just Buying a Printer, What Happened Next Will Blow Your Mind

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the best printer ever + why you are wasting money with yours | the merriweather council blog

Friends, have you felt the pressure to buy a DYMO or other label printer for your biz?

Feel like you’re not legit until your labels self adhere to your packages?

Hate spending money on printer ink?

I’m Danielle and that was me, three years ago. Then I found the best printer ever.

Do not print one more shipping label on your inkjet printer. SERIOUSLY, do not.

Let me explain. If you are printing your shipping labels with ink you are wasting money. You either want to go full label printer or laser printer.

Laser printers, if you don’t know, use toner rather than ink. Which lasts MUCH longer. (I had no idea HOW much longer until I was using it… read on…) It’s your basic black and white printing, cheaper, easier and with less hassle/ no dry time.

Very rarely do I need to print a color document at home. Color printing projects generally get outsourced because they are large. (I have not for even one minute missed having a color printer at home. I suppose if you have children in school you need a color printer sometimes, but stop sucking up the ink with your labels!)

I wanted to be able to print sticky labels AND regular documents without having to replace the stupid ink cartridge every week. So I knew I was in the market for a laser printer – not a standalone label printer.

So, I bought this printer and it was a game changer. I repeat. THIS PRINTER is a huge GAME CHANGER. 

(2018 note: Since the time of this writing, my exact model is pretty outdated, we now recommend this newer version of the HP laserjet – with a scanner or without a scanner!)

This printer was affordable, easy to set up, doesn’t have a billion bells and whistles, and GETS THE JOB DONE… quickly. Here is the mind-blowing part: I replace my toner cartridge once a year. ONCE. A. YEAR.

why i am obsessed with my printer | the merriweather council blog

so happy together


When printing labels I use Avery two per page sheets (which purchased inexpensively on Amazon) which align seamlessly with PayPal and Etsy labels. And when printing regular documents, I use – shockingly enough – plain old printer paper.

I especially love that while printing, you get that warm, office aroma … takes me straight back to the high school library where I spent most of my 4 study hall periods senior year. But that is another story.

Yes, people love their label printers. But I like things that do more than one job, just like me. haha. And YES the label paper might cost a little extra, but think about how much money you just saved in tape. And it’s less noisy.

Anyway, it’s real love. I cannot recommend this printer enough. I say without hesitation: it is the best printer ever. I have honestly considered buying another so I can have one set p with just label paper and the other with just plain paper haha. But I refrained, because: human excess.

(2018 note: Since the time of this writing, my exact model is pretty outdated, we now recommend this newer version of the HP laserjet – with a scanner or without a scanner!)

This post contains an affiliate link which means I get a small commission if you purchase through it, but seriously I love this damn printer and I wouldn’t jeopardize our relationship over the possibility of $2, so… yeah. 

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  1. HA! This post cracked me up! Though, I felt the pressure to get a DYMO and got one over three years ago. One of the best business decisions I’ve ever made. Never have to replace toner or ink since it doesn’t use either, and you can get really, really cheap labels on Amazon. It cut time and cost by so much that if you’re doing large volumes of orders, I’d still recommend that over anything else. Plus, the printer itself is so much smaller than normal printers. Win, win.

    • I know people love their label printers – and of course the thermal printing is something to love. I just really wanted to be able to print documents as well AND i don’t ALWAYS have insane volume on labels so this is working well for me. It is smaller than your regular all in one the printer but it’s not quite as well as a label printer obviously.

  2. This is fantastic. And the click bait headline. GENIUS. I love seeing people who are just as excited about printers as I am. I’ve talked anyone who would listen’s ear off about my latest printer adventures. I just bought a new HP ink jet printer for around the same cost and decided to try out HP Instant Ink. It’s a monthly subscription that charges you per page you print, not how much ink you use. For 300 sheets a month, it’s only $10/month. They also have options for 50 and 100, I think. Every time that your ink gets low, the printer sends a message to HP who sends you a new ink jet cartridge immediately. I’ve only tried it for a few weeks and the ink hasn’t gotten low enough yet to send a message, but I’ve seen it get an insane amount of positive reviews. Here’s hoping!

  3. A WIRELESS printer for $88?!?! Where has this been my whole life!!!???? Thank you for sharing this with all of us!!

  4. Yes! We bought a Canon laser printer last summer and we still haven’t had to replace the toner cartridge (the starter one that comes with it, mind you!!) It was cheap, and so much less waste and $$’s! I like your idea about having another just for labels, then you don’t have to worry about your spouse printing on the label sheet you just stuck in there!!

  5. I have been spending so much money on paper, ink and tape it has been crazy! I’ve been on the fence with labels or the dymo. My problem is I print every order slip out so I know what to make and include it in the order. This is really costly, but I’m not sure how I would know what I need to make and if customers would miss the receipt.

    • Personally I don’t think you need to include a packing slip or invoice in each order. And you can print a longer list for yourself od what to make on a few sheets as you work through multiple orders. I usually just look at order details on my laptop or iPad.

  6. Omg!! The having one for labels and one for plain paper idea… #goals. I print all my shipping labels AND packing slips and the original cartridge is still going strong. But I would love to not have to get up to load the sticky paper every time I print labels. *runs to Amazon to buy another*

  7. Laser printers are amazing. I’m not sure if you know this trick too, because the toner is a powder, if it says it is low, take it out and shake it back and forth. It will loosen any toner that’s still in there and can give you a lot more prints! I learned that working at the computer lab help desk in college.

  8. Really I am dazzeled by it’s pricing… you should tell this earlier…! :)

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