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taking cues from big brands on pinterest | the merriweather council blog

I always love looking at what the “big brands” are doing on social media and honestly, I think they might be looking to see what the small businesses are doing as well. These days everyone wants to make that personal connection with their community the way small businesses do so naturally.

But in terms of Pinterest marketing, community isn’t necessarily the goal. Inspiring customers, creating and curating imagery and content that supports you brand and your brand’s ideals, however, definitely is. Also creating shareable content, duh.

Here are four brands and some cues we can take from them on using Pinterest

Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret is all about making women feel sexy right? Right. So On their Pinterest boards, that’s what they portray as well. They didn’t make boards like “lingerie” and “bras” and “swimsuits” … though that is exactly what they sell. Instead, they made “romantically sexy” and “provocatively sexy” … “festival style” … see where this is going? They are curating MOODS that relate to their merchandise.

taking queues from big brands on pinterest | the merriweather council blog


Coca-Cola is known for their commercial advertising which often portrays people having fun, hanging with their crew or celebrating life’s little things. Dancing in the streets, frolicking on the beach… and all that sort of thing. They want you to associate happiness and fantastic times with friends with their product. (Side note, Coca-Cola is basically brown bubble water – not particularly a beautiful image in itself, the company is genius, they use beautiful bottles and iconic design as well to market their sort of ugly product. Think about it…) So on Pinterest, they curate boards such as “playtime’, “together”, “be giving” and of course, they have a seasonal board – what’s Christmas without Coca-Cola Santa?

taking queues from big brands on pinterest | the merriweather council blog

Bath and Body Works

Bath and Body Works sells body products and scent products inspired by nature, food, and even moods. You can’t smell things through your computer yet, so styling and imagery is super important for this brand to communicate their product to you. Look at how they’ve works this on pinterest. I’ve been to the Caribbean a number of times – it has a distinct smell – flowery, sunny, VACATION SMELL. (Side note: smell is one of the strongest senses tied to memory, you best believe Bath and Body Works is playing into that with their product names and packaging designs.) They also  curate boards that match their scents with imagery, take a look:

taking queues from big brands on pinterest | the merriweather council blog

taking queues from big brands on pinterest | the merriweather council blog

taking queues from big brands on pinterest | the merriweather council blog

Home Depot

Home Depot is where you go to get things when you need to renovate or fix your house. You also go there for paint, furniture, other essentials that go into redecorating – the details. So in order to get you in the door they need to communicate that they have what you need for when you are inspired. They go the extra mile by pinning things TO inspire you: backyard swings, teal sideboards, crown moldings, pink ceilings… and they come from all over the web, not just their own site. See a fab project? Home Depot can help you make it happen in your own house.

home depot pinning

So what do you think? Pinterest isn’t just about pinning your products, it’s about supporting the vision of your avatar. You can use these cues to inform your own pinning!



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