Vision + Mission


The Merriweather Council is all about celebrating the reality of gainful self employment through craft and living in pursuit and support of creative lifestyles.

In Pursuit…

My mini business, The Merriweather Council specializes in hand embroidery with an emphasis on stitched text and letterforms. When I started running my business in 2010, I so desperately wanted to make it work (make it make money) to prove that creatives could live happily and fruitfully off their work without having to run the gallery scene if they didn’t want to. Partly because I wasn’t encouraged in entrepreneurship by my professors and partly because my post college grad school plans fell through at the last minute. But I am so happy it turned out this way!

And Support…

I love chatting about business – small business in particular – with friends and fellow creatives in business. I can barely help myself. I go to the store with a friend and start strategizing how they could be merchandising better. It’s a bit of a thing for me. Anyway, one of the most rewarding parts of being a creative in business over the past four years has been the connection to other artists and their businesses. I love supporting other creative businesses either monetarily or through help, encouragement, or teaching.

And that is my vision and mission for The Merriweather Council Blog going forward: Pursuing my own creative-driven life and sharing that and recording it here – and supporting others in their creative lifestyles. Whether you want to make money with your creativity of not – I want you to feel empowered and confident in your own unique creativity and share it – be it though food, fashion, art, or writing or music, or whatever! Creativity isn’t just for fine artists – creativity can’t be taught, it just needs to be embraced and expressed and that’s what I’m interested in.

In pursuit + support of creative lifestyles,



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