10 Themes, Items and Motifs Etsy is Promoting for Holiday 2016

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10 themes, items and motifs etsy is highlighting for the 2016 holiday season | the merriweather council blog

Understanding Etsy trends and appealing to them can be the difference between a mediocre holiday season and a fabulous holiday season, especially if Etsy is your primary platform. Here are ten items Etsy has implied they are interested in promoting this holiday season. This list came about from searching what is currently being spoken about and featured on Etsy and her various networks! See if you can appeal to any of them as the holiday season approaches.

Remember, there is nothing wrong with playing into trends if it works for your market or if you have items that suit these categories already then you want to make sure they are up to date and looking spiffy.

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Phone wallets

Ahh yes, the phone wallet. Often under appreciated for the versatility. Do you have phone wallets in your shop? Could you? Get those babies optimized.

Knit headbands

Specifically knit – perfect for winter headbands are back in style. If you sell knit good, consider a headband listing for your shop as they are a lower price point, a great gift and fashionable!

Celestial jewelry

Moonstone is huge, as are celestial themes like stars, moons, suns and constellations. If any of these concepts are present in your jewelry, stock up!

DIY gifts

Etsy is heavily promoting kits and pattern type gifts. These work in two ways – kits for the end recipient or kits that people can purchase to make something for someone else as a gift.

Mommy-daughter fashion

Mommy-daughter matching is coming back. Matching headbands, tees, or whole outfits. If you already offer a woman’s size and a girl’s size of something, create a new listing to appeal to the mommy-daughter matching trend.

Zodiac jewelry

HUGELY popular right now. Jewelry that feature star signs is being featured a lot. If you can or do it this market, be sure your listings are up and optimized by the time the holiday buying season begins.

Gifts for grammar obsessed

We all have that one friend… and gifts for that person are going to get eyeballs because they are probably funny and when given, stroke that person’s ego which everyone always loves! Ha!

Planner stickers

With the new year coming up, calendars and planners will be hot of course, as they are every year. But planner stickers will also be getting some serious attention as 2017 looms closer and closer. This is great gift add on, and can turn a planner into a full blown gift.

Family name signs

Giving gifts with family names – or really anything personalized for the home – is always a great gift because it’s not “store bought” and shows some thought. It’s also a great gift for the people who “have everything” which is like, everyone we have to buy for, right? lol

Leather jewelry

Leather is a material that generally gets a lot of attention during the cooler months, but specifically in jewelry this year, it will be a highlight. If you sell leather goods consider how jewelry could play into your line. If you sell leather jewelry already, consider optimizing your listings to reflect the durability and gift ability of your items.

Now is the time to get your shop looking and performing the best it can as the holiday season is not far off!

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