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12 more creative people I love to follow on Instagram | the merriweather council blog

I wanted to share 12 More people I love following on Instagram, because 12 wasn’t enough. PS, nearly all of these are accounts I stumbled upon through the hashtags I shared last week! I love Instagram because it’s so awesome for finding bright spots + beautiful things.

I am new to @SierraDehmler but her bio … “passionate about pie + good songs” Hello, obviously. Her photos are bright and colorful and fun and you NEED to see them.

@Lindsey_Morris – just love these images of every day life.

@kateFJury – I love a lll her behind the scenes art studio type photos. So swoon worthy. I have no talent in painting at all but I so so admire the beautiful paintings this lady does. Artist-at-work is one of my most favorite types of photo to look at.

@seasidelucy – can I please move in? I’ll be bringing my dog a few thousand skeins of embroidery floss and my computer, that’s it, I swear.

@antlersandroses – Just pretty things in pretty ways. I love it. Simple beauty in the everyday is something I think we can all appreciate.

@caseydsibley – the pretty patterns + designs are too much. Too much pretty. You know I just LOVE peeking into a good sketchbook.

@ponderbird – the things this lady finds at the thrift are mind blowing. TAKE ME WITH YOU!?

@jenniferou_paintings – The swooning just DOES NOT END. I feel like a fly on the wall in a beautiful art studio, watching a painter at work. It’s fabulous! Reminds me of the painting department in college. So much gorgeous work.

@lightdarkshop – beautiful things abound. Bonus, you can buy them.

@wiseapplevintage – there is really not much I like more than cute vintage things and that’s basically what I get from WAV.

@womanshopsworld – I’ve been on so many adventures – well, vicariously – thanks to Carter. I just love seeing all the beauties she scopes out from around the globe and of course, all the fabulous photos from her travels.

@thehalffullmug – a mutual love of coffee can connect me to just about anyone, but I’m particularly smitten with all things Half Full Mugiffied aka as seen through the HFM lens. Love this lady!

Please connect with these accounts at your leisure, I can’t imagine you’d be disappointed. It’s always nice to add some fresh life to your feed, sin’t it?

Who do you love to follow?

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