The only 2 reasons even great marketing advice doesn’t generate results for your handmade shop | Episode 117



Why is it that sometimes even the very best marketing advice doesn’t generate results?

If you have tried the best marketing advice you can find, and it just didn’t work for you, I’m going to explain why that probably is in this episode!

As you likely know, marketing is all the ‘stuff’ that you do that generates interest or traffic to your shop. This could be videos, Instagram posts or stories, blog posts, challenges, ads… you get the idea.

There are lots of things you can do to market your business. Some ideas you’ll hear or read are meh at best, others are genuinely brilliant.

We know that makers are trying a lot of things, which is fantastic. But there is also a whole lot of “well, that didn’t work” and moving on to the next idea. The thinking is that it was merely that particular strategy that just didn’t land well. The intention here is good, but once that happens several times the discouragement kicks in. If you are starting over time and again, the problem becomes amplified and you exhaust yourself by trying things that just never seem to work.

When this happens, we see sellers begin thinking things that aren’t true.

Thoughts like “the market is too saturated, or “my product is too expensive.” Or even “My product is not expensive enough.” Or, “My images are bad.” There is no shortage of negative self talk out there.

Usually, none of those things are the real problem.

This is why so many sellers feel discouraged. The truth is that the marketing advice could be excellent, it just is not working because the place the marketing is directing people to is not set up to convert profitable action from the visitors landing there.

In short: marketing is happening prematurely. The shop or site is not ready to be marketed yet.

It is discouraging to keep trying things that don’t work, especially when it comes to marketing because most of us actually quite like the energy and action of marketing. It’s fun. It’s more fun than bookkeeping. More importantly, marketing makes us feel like we’re doing something. So when marketing advice doesn’t generate results it feels BAD.

We can point to it and say, “Look, I did X, Y, and Z things, and it just doesn’t work for me.”

The reason it’s not working is more than likely because the shop is not set up correctly. If you have tried all the very best marketing advice and got nowhere with it, it’s because YOUR SHOP is not ready to be MARKETED.

What’s missing? Infrastructure and optimization within the shop so that that traffic that comes to the shop converts to sales or other profitable actions.

There’s absolutely no point in sending a lot of traffic somewhere that isn’t set up to convert yet.

It doesn’t matter how good the traffic is or how much of the traffic there is, if you’re sending traffic somewhere that isn’t set up to do good work for you, it’s not going to generate results and you’re going to feel discouraged.

So before you go too hard on marketing, evaluate your shop!

Premature marketing is the culprit MOST of the time. But sometimes there is a little bit of a traffic alignment issue too. It’s likely a combination of these two factors that are making it, so you don’t see results from marketing efforts.

What is a traffic alignment issue?

Basically, the traffic you ARE generating isn’t the right traffic. Too many of the wrong people are seeing your shop.

When you aren’t seeing sales from marketing, the reward is the volume of traffic. But it’s a trick. You don’t need a lot of visitors, you need the right visitors.

If you’re getting traffic and it’s not converting at all, it’s because of one of those things. (Your shop is not set up to convert, or you are driving too much of the wrong traffic.) Usually, it’s some combination of the two!

Before you put your efforts and energy and money, specifically, also, into advertising or marketing, MAKE SURE your shop is ready to be marketed.

It’s not that you don’t have enough Instagram followers.
It’s not that your items are too expensive.
It’s not that your niche is too saturated.
It’s not that your niche is not big enough.
It’s none of those things. It’s that the shop is just not ready to be marketed yet.

This is a fixable problem.

When your shop is set up correctly – and is marketable – fewer people need to see it for you to achieve the outcome you want.

That’s just the missing piece. 

It’s not that people don’t want or need what you’re selling. It’s just that the place you’re sending the traffic to isn’t set up to support the goals that you have. I hope you’ll never need to ask why the best marketing advice doesn’t generate results again!

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