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i ordered my blurb book today, you can check it out online!

By a project by Dani…

of course i see now that pages 8 and 9 are numbered which i didn’t want. I must have added that spread after applying the no page number setting to all pages, the booksmart program isnt smart enough to carry those instructions over. its not very intuitive. Also on the full bleed page of mallory the image wasn’t square to the bottom of the page so there will probably be white at the bottom. ugh….and ALSO i didn’t capitalize “happy party” in one spot. whatever it will still be awesome. of course those things are super obvious now that i’ve ordered it but not beforehand. LAME


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Oh, hi! Welcome to The Merriweather Council. I’m Danielle and I am a maker in business and mentor to other makers in business. I teach you how to turn your crafty tendencies into profits!

Oh, I’m also really into crafts, boy bands + iced coffee. Email me anytime to say hello or send cute Backstreet Boy videos or dog pictures .. or whatever! danielle (at) Thanks for stopping by.

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