3 Internet Marketing Games You Really Shouldn’t Play

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I have decided that I should start prefacing my advice-y type posts with a little disclaimer: only take my advice if you believe I know what I am doing. Do you like what you see here? Do you think I am doing well with what I am doing? Do you think maybe I know what’s up? If yes, then by all means listen to what I am saying. If you don’t think I am doing anything right, then just don’t even bother, because if you don’t think what I am doing is working, then this advice is automatically going to be “bad” advice to you, isn’t it?

These are all honest to goodness ways to make yourself look like you are

the “If you follow me, I’ll follow you” game.
Don’t clog up your twitter feed or your Etsy circle or any other such thing with junk you don’t really care about just to get some followers.

Twitter is a really great tool if you use it correctly and understand that it can be useful to you if you curate your feed with things that actually interest or affect you. Don’t waste that!

Recently, I posted a link to Pat’s facebook fan page and said “help pat out” and follow him so he could change his username but I didn’t say “RT this” or “he will follow you back” if people clicked on his page, and thought it was cool, maybe they liked it, maybe they didn’t – point is, I was trying to help a friend out, and because the people who would see my tweets are people who chose to follow me, they might’ve clicked it, because maybe they are familiar with the kinds of things I like to post.

Be genuine. Please please please be genuine. 

I would much prefer to have honest numbers – people who are following me because they want to, people who hearted my shop because they really did like it… 

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the “get thousands of free Twitter followers” game.
There are services that people can sign up for that will basically send them followers… this is appealing to people because it will increase the number of followers they have. Please don’t do this, we can tell when you’ve done this. If I got visit your Twitter page and all I see is listings to listings and no @ replies to anyone and there is nothing personal about it – and you have 4000 followers, I know something is up. I just know it.

Same principles from the you-follow-me-i’ll-follow-you game apply to this as well: it’s not useful to either party if neither is actually interested in the other.

Using the #bots to RT and whatever
Really? Sure, in theory the #etsybot sounded like a nice idea, someone would retweet pretty much anything related to Etsy you tweeted at them to their followers… but guess what? I bet you like, 90 or more percent of their followers were people just like the other people who wanted to get things retweeted, not a bunch of people who really want to see Etsy listings – not the audience you are trying to sell to.

Let’s be clear, when an actual living, breathing human who has no true intention of actively “marketing” for you retweets something you’ve posted – listing or otherwise, that’s great! And that’s fun and that builds relationships. Sharing things that you like or find useful or funny or truthful or whatever – is great! I love it when people retweet my blog posts or share them, but I wouldn’t want some robot waving my listings around with the little #etsybot hashtag on them. That makes me feel icky. For real, how annoying must it be to follow these bots that just retweet stuff all day? Stuff with no rhyme or reason…. I am aware that EtsyBot is now closed, but don’t play this game, please, I’m begging you… don’t play this game.


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  1. I agree. I cannot stand those schemes of growing followers. If it is not organic, if they are not interested in you or your product then they are not going to interact with you or buy from you. I would rather have my little ole 60-70 followers on twitter than thousands of people that don't have a clue about who I am.

    These last two posts have been very honest, Danielle, and a breath of fresh air!

  2. Soooo right. It goes along with the theory that it's better to appeal to 10 people and have 5 buy something, than appeal to 1000 people but have 1 buy something. Much better odds that you're genuinely hitting your target market!
    I really dislike icky marketing like "follow me i'll follow you" or some of the other examples you shared. It's like, basically in the same category as spam to me.
    It's way better to have less fans but have them be genuine, than to have a ton of people who don't give a sh*t! Riiiight??

  3. i agree 100% to everything you said! i'm new to social media and all the stuff but i think i still have a better grasp on the goods and bads than some people. if i follow someone its typically because i like who they are, not just their products. i really hope that everyone does the same to me.

    thats one reason why i like etsy, it seems a little more personal than just clicking pay. well, sometimes…

    ^_^ great post!

  4. im glad you guys agree! its so sleezy when people use services to obtain followers – organic accumulation of people who are actually interested in what you are saying is so much better!

    kat – i agree, etsy does seem more personal, easier to get to know people!

    erika – thank you! im glad it was!