I bought these canvas totes a while ago and I’ve been thinking about what to do with them. Obviously, I want to embroider them but I can’t decide with what. I am thinking 7 inch diameter Wishbone stitch circles. Or maybe a word… I want to use one for myself, I think that one should be Wishbones and the other I’d like to sell. I can always get more, I just figured I should deal with these two first…

What do you think?

Do you try to wear something or use something on a daily basis that you made?

I know it’s a good marketing tactic. I sometimes where a Wishbone necklace. I probably shouldn’t wear my Wishbone necklace on the same day I use my Wishbone bag… i’ll look like a Wishbone fanatic… that could be kinda awesome.

They’ll call me… That Crazy Wishbone Lady….

Do you have any supplies hanging around that you’ve been meaning to use or work with? Happens to me a lot… I get very excite about supplies…


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  1. I love the tote bag idea! The wishbone stitch circle would look great on the front. Three cheers for being your own walking billboard! ;-)

  2. I wear one of my necklaces just about everyday. It's simple so I can get away with it.
    I like the wishbone circle idea. What about three circles in three different sizes – that would be really special :-)

  3. I always wear my own jewelry! :D

  4. Free advertisement is the best advertisement! Love the tote idea, I should start painting on them and carrying them around, people always complement me on my other bags, so why not on a bag I made?

    twitter: Rypeace

  5. that is going to be so cute! I can't wait to see it!

    I try to wear something I made every day, but sometimes I'm wearing things other artisans have made and I can only wear so much. :P

  6. They need Merri Buntings on them!!

  7. Love the tote bag idea! I always pick up supplies and then…get to them much later! I can't help myself. I have a huge box of yarn that I bought because I had to have it–and I still haven't knitted anything with it :)

  8. Do it crazy lady, I can't wait to see what it looks like:)! I would rock one, I'm just saying:)!

  9. i try to wear my jewelry every day, but most of the time i'm so late and frazzled i run out the door without even my wedding ring. LOL

  10. I am an absolute tote fanatic. I love them & use them for everything! I think its a great idea to embroider them!

  11. In the three years I've been painting rings, I have left home without wearing one *maybe* once. I love when I'm at a checkout counter and people notice and compliment them!

  12. Embroider a wishbone! Above it, have it say "That Crazy" and underneath it, have it say "Lady".

    So it's like "That Crazy Wishbone Lady"!!

    I know, I know, I'm genius. I always wear or utilize something I've made. I carry around my leather makeup bag and I use a pouch attached to my messanger bag (for when I ride my bike around town).

    Oh, and I can't even start with how many supplies I have sitting around that need love…

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