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If you haven’t been following along on my new feature account @creativelife_happylife, then you simply must!! It’s been so fun.


What is @creativelife_happylife?

This is an Instagram account dedicated to celebrating creativity and gainful self employment through craft! If you are a maker, artist or creative, this account is for you!!

Tag #creativelifehappylife for single image features on the account! All your art, craft, maker-space, supply hoard, messy desk, paint covered hands and creative pursuit photos can be tagged #creativelifehappylife! I love seeing what you are making in your studio and sharing it on the account – of course, always with your permission!

What is a Maker Takeover!?

On the account, there is a visual pattern in the feed. Every fourth image is text based. In between those text images are features – reposts from the #creativelifehappylife feed. A maker takeover is when three of those images between two text images are YOURS!! All three!

Want to be a featured Takeover artist??

  • please email 4-6 images which must include clear, lovely, well lit/no flash photos of the following: 1x workspace, 1x finished piece, 1x work in progress, 1x wildcard your choice but related to your studio work/ materials/ etc I only need three but want you to send up to 6, at least 4
  • include your IG handle, first name and captions for each image in the email
  • captions must not include discount codes, giveaways, blatant promotions etc.
  • captions should be conversational in nature (“this is my workspace, I thrifted this desk for $5 and it has been my main workstation for 4 years now….” Or “I’m currently feeling very inspired by…” Etc etc.
  • images must be square or vertical – prefer no horizontal images please.
  • no collage images only full photos.
  • they can be images you already have posted.
  • please also include a lead in sentence / intro “I’m so and so and I do such and such from xyz location..”
    send to

Can’t wait! #creativelifehappylife


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Oh, hi! Welcome to The Merriweather Council. I’m Danielle and I am a maker in business and mentor to other makers in business. I teach you how to turn your crafty tendencies into profits!

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  1. Girl, this is genius. I’m going to submit as soon as I get something good enough for this put together.


  2. This looks awesome! Love your idea for this & can’t wait to submit some pics :D Thank you for putting this together!

    • yay!!