3 Things That Really Reinforce My "Visualness" as a Human

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I always knew I was a “visual learner” – no math or science please.
But sometimes even I am surprised by my strange artistic ways in the world. I’ll pretend it’s normal. I know I’m not alone…


3 Things That Really Reinforce My Visualness As a Human | The Merriweather Council Blog

1. I only know which apples I like based on their location in the store. 
Recently the apples were moved to the other side of the produce department… it took a while to remember which name looked most familiar.

2. Copilot passenger person needs to physically indicate which direction to turn. 
None of this “turn left”… give it to me in terms I understand… point, move your arm, nod, something, please! Physical indication of which direction I need to go is the only really good way to guarantee it will happen.

3. I sometimes want to buy things that I don’t need, or that I have no use for just because they are a pretty color.
I saw a comb at Forever 21 last night that was this really pretty shade of red – poppy red, I’ll call it – I have absolutely no need for yet another comb… but I wanted it. Because it was pretty. Because I liked the color of it. I didn’t buy it, but I thought about it for about 3 minutes.


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