3 Ways to Overcome Creative Block When Your Business Depends on Creativity

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It’s very easy to get swept away in improving and nurturing our businesses that we often lose track of improving and nurturing ourselves as business owners!! Allowing time to be creative just for fun is excellent. Sometimes having to be creative for revenue is so draining that we don’t have inspiration left for cultivating our creative side. This can make it feel impossible to overcome creative block. Hopefully, these ideas help.

Two quick baseline facts:

When your creative outlet becomes your business, you need a new creative outlet! 

When your business depends on creative work products, your creativity is the business’s lifeblood. It needs to be protected and nurtured!

Here are some no-lose ways to jumpstart your creativity when you’re feeling a bit disenchanted.

Revisit a UFO (unfinished object, otherwise known as an unfinished project)

You probably have a few pieces you’ve started and stopped over the years. Might they be sitting in a Tupperware bin in the closet? Perhaps you’ve toted them between multiple moves? Relatable. 

Going back to one of these projects is a great way to overcome creative block and find renewed inspiration without the pressure of starting something from scratch. That is usually the worst part. This strategy eliminates the need for a new idea and the intimidation of starting so you can jump right into the good part of making.

Make something that is not for sale and wouldn’t be

Making something JUST for yourself or completely random that isn’t for sale and isn’t a prototype for something you ever would sell might be the refresh you need. If you are a knitter, make a collage. Go 180 or even 360 from your usual media and try something new. No pressure, just fine. A straightforward way to ensure you don’t accidentally prototype (you laugh, but it happens): start with materials you wouldn’t or couldn’t use in business. Cut something up, give an existing thing a makeover, buy a kit… you wouldn’t go that route for a product to sell most likely, so go that route for a product NOT for sale.

Unblank the canvas

Whether you work on fabric, paper, or canvas, the intimidation of a pristine blank space is what slows many of us down. That stark white, unblemished surface is quite unsettling and makes it very difficult to overcome creative block. 

I suggest unblanking that surface to speed up the creative process. One of my favorite ways to unblank the page is with a watercolor wash to create a colorful ground for working on. Use an old text page from a book or an old book AS the sketchbook, and my favorite: gridded paper. Gridded paper sketchbooks are readily available, and the grid’s presence immediately removes the blank factor. The surface is already marked, so to say. When using gridded paper, we can feel free to limit ourselves to a smaller boxed off space, or use the lines for note making – and note making can be a great starting place, too.

As a creative business owner, nurturing yourself is JUST as important, maybe even more critical, as nurturing your business. Reigniting the flame of creativity is one way. We would love to support you even more in developing yourself as an empowered, confident business owner inside of The Council. If you feel that your business is stifled because you never have time for important stuff, click here to get the details on what we do and how we do it inside of The Council!

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