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We all know about “million dollar ideas” (think… facebook… ) and the “why didn’t I think of that?” feeling. But I got to thinking recently, what about 5 and 10 dollar ideas? You know the ones that are pretty random, kinda not-so-serious, off the cuff kind of ideas? Made in passing suggestions, overheard conversations on the line in the food store (grocery store to those of you not from NY…) Last week I was going to go to this little seminar-thing about Social Media Marketing, but decided not to go. I thought that while it couldn’t hurt to go, minus the loss of five dollars, I also probably wouldn’t learn anything. Not saying I’m an expert or anything, and we can always make room for a little extra “know” but, I figured it was probably for people who could barely figure out how to create an account on twitter let alone use it. So I skipped. And then I felt SUPER DUMB.

While contemplating if it would’ve been worth the 5 dollar admission fee, I starting thinking that, it wasn’t so much about what the seminar instructor would’ve been teaching, what their set plan was for the event, but rather the random junk that people ask, or say, or begin to discuss as such events that would’ve been worth the money. Those random side conversations are the 5 dollar ideas I’m talking about. The things that come up, unplanned, simple mentions of something that gets your brain thinking. One thought leads to the next, suddenly you’re thinking of things much bigger than the original thing that got you thinking in the first place. For example, someone undoubtedly used their own story as a prelude to a question at this event I stupidly didn’t go to, and from that prelude, I could’ve been given an idea I had never had before. Maybe that person was trying something that never crossed my mind. Maybe that thing they tried would’ve done me some good to try. See what i’m saying!? In exchange for the five dollar admission, I could’ve left with 20 or 30 dollars worth of ideas. It’s very possible this makes absolutely no sense to anyone other than myself, but that’s fine because this is my blog and I’ll spew gibberish all day long if I want…

Anyway, what I’m saying is, its the little things, the 5 dollar ideas that eventually add up. Maybe you have an idea that won’t make you a million, but it might make you 5 and if you keep making 5 eventually you’ll have 100. And then the next idea will come along and soon you’ll be running to the bank with bags of money!

I think this might need to be revisited at some point, but it’s something to think about for now.


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