5 Things to do Before Your Thing Goes Viral

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5 things to do before your thing goes viral | the merriweather council blog

Subtitle: Yes it can happen.

Subtitle 2: And isn’t that what you want? Mad crazy traffic? Yes.

Let’s say your signature product gets picked up randomly by a media outlet such as Huffington Post or BuzzFeed… without warning (because that’s usually what happens.) Now let’s say a bunch of other media outlets pick it up as well and suddenly you have insane traffic coming to your site and orders rushing in like WHOA.

Awesome right? Well, hopefully

Here are 5 things you want to put in place NOW so that IF something awesome comes up out of nowhere, you aren’t kicking yourself. Leverage all opportunities, that’s what I always say.

1. Be collecting emails.

Seriously, what if all your product sells out? Or, what if people are interested but can’t purchase right now? You want to get those emails while traffic is flowing. Don’t delay, set it up today. It can be simple, but it needs to exist. You should be capturing emails from the people who land on your sites and social channels.

2. Price your work appropriately.

There is nothing quite like order overwhelm to make you realize you didn’t charge enough. Make sure your prices are what they should be NOW, not as you are suffering through a 3 month back log of items priced way too low.

3. Social integration

It might sound nuts, but I land on sites all the time that have no trace evidence of their social channels. If you are on Instagram and Facebook, please make this known so I can follow along where I hang out the most. And make it easy for people to share on social as well! If you are getting crazy traffic, you want to use that to your advantage to increase your social followings, pins, tweets etc.

4. Contact info readily available

So once you reach all these people, amongst them is likely to be an influencer who would like to work with you! Make it easy for this person to email you directly. Having a contact page on your site or blog is great, but forms fail, people get awkward… who knows what happens, leave your email address.

5. Be yourself

It’s gunna suck major big time to be “discovered” and have popularity based on something that isn’t really you. Right? Whoever you are and whatever you do  – – the way YOU do it is your edge. Keep it sharp.

Also, bonus: make sure the platform you sell on can handle high traffic. Etsy can. Shopify can. If you sell on your own WordPress site, you will want to check your hosting plan!

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