5 Ways to Share Creative Work Without Setting up Shop

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5 ways to share creative work without setting up shop to sell it | the merriweather council Blog

Lots of people want to make and sell things, I am one of them. It’s a wonderful thing to want.

Some people want to make things but don’t really have the energy or capacity to be in any sort of production for continuous selling of their work. That’s also totally great and valid.

Sometimes it’s easy to see how an item for sale can make its way into a lot of places – specifically online. But what about work you just make for yourself that you don’t want to sell?

Here are 5 ways to share you creative work without setting up shop to sell it.

1. Publish a DIY

If this isn’t an item you want to make for profit, you could teach others how to make it. This is a great way to share you work, generate interest, and hone your craft while you’re at it!

2. Share it on Instagram

Easy! Share your creative projects on instagram and connect with other creatives or even material suppliers. If you do this a lot, you’ll build up a following of people who want to see these fabulous things you are making. And hey, if someone *does* ask about buying it, you totally could sell it if you wanted. ( Use these hashtags to get more reach + better engagement!)

3. Blog + Pin it

There are tons of big time blogs that started out as places for creative people to just share things they were making or doing around their house or in their own lives. Simply sharing your work, over time, can do brilliant, beautiful things – if you want it it! Genuine interest always accompanies genuine sharing.

4. Donate it

I’m one of those people who LOVES knitting – for about 4 hours in the middle of the winter, and then, that’s it. I’ve done a few of those ‘knit-a-square’ type donations – where your square is added to the others to make blankets for infants or something like that. There are tons of opportunities – especially for knitters – to use their creative energy for good!

5. Give it away

Making gifts for friends is fun, isn’t it? I wish I had more time for things like that. People love receiving handmade gifts – their super fun, special and unique. Give one of your projects as a gift, it’ll feel great, I promise!

Any other ideas? Share them in the comments!

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