6 Other Reasons Why Your Product Pictures Matter

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Let’s beat a dead horse, shall we?

Your product photos are important for selling online. You know this. But here is why else they are important.



This lovely photo is from Ana’s shop. It’s so good.

for submitting to blogs

All the really great high traffic blogs have lots and lots of beautiful photos on them. If your photos aren’t high quality, you can basically kiss that feature goodbye. Don’t waste your time submitting something until your photos are sweet apple pie!

for getting picked up for features

Just as submitting for a feature is best done with high quality photos, so are your chances of getting picked up for something. Beautiful photos draw people in and people with blogs, magazines and other publications want to show their readers beautiful photos.

for branding

I have long believed that strong branding for creative product based businesses should at least half the  time include an image of what the company is selling. You wouldn’t want to create a logo using a shitty photo would you?

for advertising

If you ever want to do a print ad or some other ad… you’re going to want to include a photo of your product, right? It better be lookin’ really good if you wanna get your money’s worth.

for submitting for consignment

Any store that you’d like to consign with will want to see photos of your work. If they aren’t doing your beautiful products any justice… well, you know the rest.

for submitting to shows

If you want to apply for a show, you will be asked to submit photos – and most likely you will also be asked for a link where more work can be seen. You will want to make sure that your photos are top notch for this because you are in competition with other artists for a spot in the show! You could have a really cool product but if the picture don’t show it off nicely or are unappealing, you probably don’t have a very good shot! As an artist, your picture taking abilities reflect on your work, sorry folks, that’s just the way it is.  Wah wah.

Makes sense right?


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