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If you are a maker in business, you likely spend JUST as much time on the computer as you do making product. Possibly even more, depending on the day.

Regardless of how much time you spend online or off, it’s nice to engage in creative projects that are just for leisure – not for sale.

Carving out some time for mindless creativity is relaxing — will make it less likely you’ll feel the rage to chop someone in half on a daily basis!

I’m sharing some of my favorite analog creative outlets with you here, enjoy!

Adult Coloring

I have been getting pretty into coloring recently (adult coloring books are totally having a moment right now) and it is WONDERFUL.

mandy ford coloring book

I’ve been working my way through Mandy Ford’s adult coloring book “Go your own way”  and I love it because each page is a little different style wise. Some pages have larger spaces to fill, while others have smaller, thinner lines and require a bit more focus. Some pages also have text which is fun! I especially love the page with all the little mushrooms on it. That one was super fun to color. The paper quality is great as well and I primarily color in marker and never have experienced leakage through the page or tearing on the surface.

I have been scoping out some other coloring books and I’m getting pretty into the idea of CATS + QUILTS!!? Yes. This one is on my list as well.

Of course you’ll need some fresh markers or colored pencils to complete the coloring book. As an art school nerd I prefer Prismacolor colored pencils because they are super soft and vibrant, but their markers are a little too intense for coloring books so I stick with Crayola. I cannot work with just the basic colors alone though so I have a set of brights and this set of 20.


My other analog love of the moment is knitting. I don’t do a lot of knitting – and I am not experienced or patient enough to follow a pattern. I just like the repetition of knitting, so I just knit tubes for fun. *Shrug* I especially like the Clover wooden needles and my 9” circular needles, size 5, are perfect for a tiny tube project I have going.

small knitting tube

I’m using pima cotton in coral here, but you can use whatever your heart desires on whatever size needles compliment that choice.


For more analog creative enjoyment, you simply MUST READ Elizabeth Gilbert’s book “Big Magic“. It’s just… perfect.

Sometimes you just want to browse some pretty pictures (offline) and for that I suggest this wonderful little book.

Remember, not everything you make or do has to be of sale or contribute to your business. Some stuff can be just for fun and SURPRISE it will probably generate some brilliant ideas for you.

Ps, this post contains affiliate links to some of the products mentioned – which I suggest only because of my infinite love for them. 


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