3 No-Lose Ways to Attract Your Target Customer

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3 No-Lose Ways to Attract Your Target Customer | The Merriweather Council Blog

How to attract your target customer

If there is one thing I know for sure it’s that many makers in business have struggled – and may even continue to struggle – to identify their ideal customer or target market. You’ve probably read, watched, and otherwise heard a lot about finding this elusive group of people who will love your product. Most of the time we are working to identify them, but for now I want to talk about attracting them to us. This is a little less involved than identifying them outright. Let them come to you, and meet them, then you’ll find out who they are, or you’ll be much closer to knowing.

Here are 3 no-lose ways to attract your ideal customers to you and your business!


No matter what product you sell, it solves someone’s “problem.” And remember, to them, it is a problem (regardless of your personal definition of the word problem) and having a solution to this problem will give them better quality of life. People are always willing to shell out for solutions, but they need to know how your product will solve their problem in order to feel good about spending that money.


Your prices will also attract your target audience and repel others. That is a good thing. If someone normally shops at Walmart, Nordstrom probably doesn’t want to attract them because it’s not their ideal customer. That customer has different values that might not align with Nordstrom’s. It is not a good fit so it’s better Nordstrom attracts like-minded buyers and one strategy for that is pricing.


You aren’t going to attract anybody to anything by hiding away in a proverbial corner of the Internet. You need to keep showing up. Keep posting, keep evaluating what your best approach is, keep putting your work out there.

My favorite of these is pricing – an often overlooked “gatekeeper” of sorts. Which is your favorite way to attract your target customer?

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