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When you are able to be the best you, you can be a productive business owner. How can you stop being deflated-you and get back to being creative-you? Stop putting more work on yourself, save more time, and join The Council to learn how to be a productive business owner. | The Merriweather Council

be a productive business owner

Being a small business owner is awesome. But it can be a real challenge.

Inside of your business, you have a lot of responsibility. You are the CEO, the president, the photographer, the intern, the treasurer, the vice president, the manager, the marketing assistant, the strategist, the assistant admin, the secretary…

You are all of these things, and you are going to need all the time you can get in order to build the business that you want to have, the way you want to have it. In order for you to do your best work consistently, you’re going to need to start freeing up some of your time.

You want to be sure that you’re leaving enough time each day to be doing all of those many things well. And to be the YOU that has brought this whole business to the forefront to begin with: the motivated, happy, passionate and creative YOU.

It can be hard to wear so many hats AND stay motivated, creative, passionate and happy. And you KNOW that no one wants that depleted and deflated version of you.

If you’re not spending your time wisely, then your business isn’t going to be functioning at the level you want it to. You want to be able to show up for your customers as the best possible you every day, not the I’ve-been-searching-on-Pinterest-all-day version of you or the foggy-headed-spent-too-much-time-Googling-today version of you.

You want to be the refreshed and refined and educated you, the best possible you that you can be.

I know that all of that can feel really overwhelming and when you’re going at this alone like many of us are doing the solopreneur thing, it doesn’t just feel that way… it actually is really, really overwhelming.

how you can stop being deflated-you and get back to being creative-you

Stop putting more work on yourself

Are you trying to learn everything? And are you doing it the hard way? You know that you want to become that Jane of all trades so you can get stuff done quicker. But, the way that you’re going about learning all of those skills for your Jane of all trades skillset is just not working anymore. You’re draining yourself of your most valuable resource, which as we know is time. The less time you have to spend learning how to do all of these things for your Jane of all trades skillset, the more time you’ll have to do the work you actually want to do.

Save more time

Saving time is your best bet for making more money and sustainably growing your business long term which will of course, in turn, help in maintaining that happiest version of you that’s possible. Check out the 3 New Keys to Saving Time + Money.

Join The Council

The Council is our exclusive monthly membership for handmade business owners. The Council offers members a concise learning experience, a dedicated community and content delivered at a non-overwhelming pace so you can stay happy, creative AND educated without having to crawl the far reaches of the internet or crowdsource for insight, strategies or advice. (Why trust your business to unknown sources?!)

I have seen how saving time and having powerful valuable lessons available to members has revolutionized the way that they’ve worked, the way that they get things done, the way that they stick to things, the way that things happen for them, and results and results and results.

Action, action, action. Results, results, results.

The Council is going to save you a ton of time.

It’s going to save you time that you haven’t even had the chance to consider spending yet because you just don’t even know some of this stuff exists. We’re going to save you time while saving you money and get you where you want to go quicker. Because let’s be honest, moving at a fast pace is not only motivating because you’re getting things done quicker and seeing results sooner, it’s almost essential because so many things are going on right now and technology is changing so rapidly, you just have to constantly be in forward motion.

Imagine if you could go from day to day in your business spending time only on things that actually mattered, knowing exactly what those things are. Or if you could handle issues with ease instead of tension and anxiety and without having to ask everyone you know for their input. Imagine if you had even just a few extra hours every week to just make new stuff, to develop new ideas that you’ve been sitting on for years, to nurture your community or spend time interacting with people and getting to know them. Imagine if you had the time to do the kind of stuff you actually wanted to do to begin with. What if you had time to do the best work you can do instead of rushing just to put something out?

What would it mean for you and your business if you had more time to build up fuller and better promotions and better marketing plans? What would it mean to just have more time to do the work that you love? Well, I’ll tell you. For starters, you would be a lot happier. You would be less stressed and less overwhelmed. You’ll have more stamina to maintain the business and grow it in the way that you want to. No one has energy to be depleted all day, running all over the internet trying to find answers to things to then come to their studio and produce quality work. It just doesn’t work like that. Just doesn’t happen.

be the best you

Again, no one wants that version of you. We want to see you show up every day as the refined and educated version of you, the best possible you that you can be.

That’s what your business deserves. Again, since you’re the only one running this ship, it’s kind of essential that you show up every day and be perky and happy and well maintained and educated and know what you’re doing and be able to do it in a way that makes sense. Again, what we have here is a classic win-win situation.

When you’re able to move past your roadblocks quicker, you’re a happier, more productive you and your business runs more efficiently…

Guess what? You make more money.

Want to get all the details, the behind the scenes sneak peeks, everything, everything, everything that you need to know about becoming a council member? Come on over and check it all out.

Remember: Action, action, action. Results, results, results.

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