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Having great product photos is essential to making the kind of sales you want online. You probably know that. No one EVER shuts up about product photography – next to pricing, it’s one of the most foundational bits!! Often rushed through, too though. Okay so yeah, you heard, you know, you get it. But do you know why, like really, why? Like what exactly do these great photos do except look nice and statistically people with them see increased sales? Listen up, kiddies, it’s no coincidence. Let’s learn. Oh and please do be aware that this post contains an affiliate link!

Increased traffic

The image is going to get the click, therefore, if the photo is no good you aren’t going to get as many people clicking through to see your items and shop. EVEN IF you are ranking well in search, or have lots of discoverability potential, if no one is clicking your products where they show up, you’ve only fought half the battle. Without an enticing, clickable image, all that hard work you did to get found in searches or show up where people browse is mostly likely falling flat.

Passively attract new opportunities and features

Invites, features, contacts, opportunities… they will ALL increase without any additional effort when your photos are amazing. Pretty much can guarantee you that.

Support your prices + communicate the value

Your work might very well be worth $100+ but if your photos aren’t communicating that, and if your photos looks cheap and crumby, no one is going to pay $100+ for your work. A good photo will SUPPORT the price you’ve set – so that no one is raising an eyebrow or batting a lash at the prices because the item LOOKS high quality like it IS – and no one will bat a lash because your photos will be communicating the VALUE (function, features, etc) of the item.

Bonus! Great photos encourage people to spend more. When the value is clear and obvious, and the photos are brilliant and beautiful, people will have less doubts and hesitations for buying, they might even spend more than they planned to!

Builds trust

When shoppers see a collection that is photographed cohesively and technically well, they are more likely to trust you. You have established yourself as a serious shop owner who invested in their images and their products and that translates – easily – to buyers when the photos are looking good! Your developed style within the photos also helps people identify your items as being all from the same seller.

Less work in the long run

Taking a better photo to begin with will save time in the editing phase. All photos will need SOME editing, for most of us, for sure. Getting things off the camera as close to the final product as possible will save LOADS of time and energy per photo and over the course of time, you’ll not have to retake retake retake your photos every couple of months or weeks.

Inspire the customer

Give people that “i’ve gotta have it” feeling and you’re golden.

Attract the right people, faster

When the photos communicate your item properly, you are more likely to attract the right people to your shop, more often.

Photos do the heavy lifting – they truly are one of the only truly make or break opportunities in your shop. So you want them to be as good as possible.

So now what?

You have likely made many attempts as DIYing your photos already – and if you haven’t achieved the greatness you seek, and / or you’re just plain ready to get the know-how to do this over and over really well every time, then you will for sure want to check out Amy’s course Snap, Sell, Succeed. Amy is a professional shop owner who has sold on Etsy and developed this course specifically for handmade business owners. So DUH yes of course I’m telling you about it now.

Seriously if you know the benefits of having amazing product photos and you understand the power they have, then improving your shop photos is a no brainer. Getting help can save time and frustration and even maybe whole years of your life.

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