market your handmade business beyond Etsy

While Etsy is a wonderful tool, diversity and autonomy are huge factors for growth and success.

Do you feel like you have no idea where to begin when you hear…
“Building your own website”
“Running social promotions”
“Marketing campaigns”

I’ve got your back.

Learn to market your handmade business beyond Etsy so you can move away from Etsy to your own site. You’ll keep more of the attention on yourself and more of your revenue in your pocket.

Using the resources below, handmakers just like you have…

Learned how to think like a business owner giving them more confidence in their decisions
Developed the skills to increase their brand presence
Improved their websites bringing in more traffic AND repeat customers
Increased their overall sales allowing them to stop worrying about finances


Makers in business: This is your essential guide to getting through the summer retail slump completely prepped for your best holiday season yet.

Enjoy your summer season without business stress while also getting ahead for the holidays.


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4 powerful things you can do to market your handmade business starting today! (not email marketing, anything having to do with Instagram or paid ads.)

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