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How to be a better small business buyer this holiday season

The fastest way to make it to Santa's nice list is to shop small and follow the suggestions on this list as closely as possible!  Shopping small during the holidays is appreciated not only by the business owner but also by the lucky recipients you've chosen to purchase gifts from them for! Makers and artisans are turning out some of the highest quality, most unique gifts money can buy. They...

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Etsy Star Seller: Why Sellers Shouldn’t Worry and What To Focus on Instead

Here at Merriweather, we encourage makers to use Etsy as a tool in their business. We encourage Etsy sellers to leverage the power of Etsy and appeal to any of the many and various opportunities of Etsy that suit them. As a business owner making use of Etsy, you should see and use Etsy as a tool in your business. When it is, you make it work for you, not the other way around. You do not work for Etsy. Having a presence on Etsy is an opportunity for your business in itself. There is a...

Etsy Star Seller

Mailchimp Alternatives for Handmade Business Owners

We all know by now how important it is to use email marketing for your small handmade business. Email is a powerful way to connect with your audience and allows you more ownership and flexibility than social media. If you haven't started your email subscriber list, consider doing it asap. Of course, the very first step will be selecting a service to use to collect and manage your email subscribers and the emails you’ll be sending them. A very popular (and awesome option) is MailChimp. It is...

MailChimp Alternatives | The Merriweather Council

Celebrating Recent Council Wins: The Impact of a Supportive Handmade Business Owner Community, The Council

Hosting our membership experience, The Council, is one of my biggest business joys! Hearing about wins our members experience, though, really puts a cherry on top. We recently asked Council Members to share their biggest wins of the year so far - whatever they felt amazing about! We love to celebrate these wins with them and it's an honor to be a small part of so many big, bold, inspiring dreams. The responses blew me away! I knew our members were out there living the reality of running...

Council Wins | The Merriweather Council

hey, i’m danielle

A maker, craft business ‘biz bestie’ and educator who loves iced americanos and pop music.

My first year in business, I made a whopping $4,000 in revenue from my handmade business (that’s not even enough to support my Starbucks habit). In year two, I earned almost $80,000 in revenue! And guess what? I did NOT make $80K with the same approach that I used to make $4K. Not even close!

Since I saw such a drastic transformation from year one to year two in my business, I know I have to share what I learned about turning a crafty tendency into profits with you (so, if you’re anything like me, you can support your Starbucks habit, too).

Be inspired and supported as a maker through The Merriweather Council blog and podcast where I share insights from my 8+ years experience selling handmade work online and working with hundreds of students to do the same.


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