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Understanding Free Shipping and Discounting on Etsy

Let's talk about something I hear all of the time. I probably hear it 9 to 10 times a week about Etsy's behavior. There are multiple manifestations, but the general sentiment is: "Etsy is pushing me to do things I don't want to do / can't do." Sellers frequently come to me and say things, or ask things, about how Etsy works as a system and also, how Etsy behaves as a business. Specifically,...

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The Surprising Top 3 Keys to Etsy Success

Resiliency There is one trait I have found many Etsy sellers do not seem to posses when it comes to Etsy and that is RESILIENCY. Resiliency is one of the keys to success on Etsy. I want to take some time to discuss that here! We have two different things that we want to consider in terms of resiliency when it comes to Etsy. The first one is resiliency ON Etsy: dealing with whatever Etsy changes or updates, which always gets people into a flaming tailspin for some reason. Then: resiliency...

How Expressing Your Product’s True Value Gives You The Ability to Charge Your Worth

You cannot sell me a cheap haircut, concert ticket or veterinary service: There is a market for every product at every price point and price is NOT the determining factor in a lot of the non-essential purchases we make. A MONOLOGUE taps microphone In the past twenty four months, I’ve spent THOUSANDS of collective dollars on things I COULD HAVE spent hundreds on. So why did I spend more than I had to? It wasn’t for lack of availability or ignorance. I knew I could have easily seen the exact...

Thoughts on Value and Pricing in Handmade

I had a draft of this post in Wordpress from November, and I decided it's actually still really relevant because people have strong opinions about pricing handmade. in 2015, I ran a special pricing offer on my embroidered initial necklaces as it was my 27th birthday, I had these pieces priced at $27. I NEVER run sales, so this was sort of a big deal for a few reasons. Normally, the pieces are $38 and up. So this was a pretty steep discount. Some folks had me feeling bad about this, like was...

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hey, i’m danielle

A maker, craft business ‘biz bestie’ and educator who loves iced americanos and pop music.

My first year in business, I made a whopping $4,000 in revenue from my handmade business (that’s not even enough to support my Starbucks habit). In year two, I earned almost $80,000 in revenue! And guess what? I did NOT make $80K with the same approach that I used to make $4K. Not even close!

Since I saw such a drastic transformation from year one to year two in my business, I know I have to share what I learned about turning a crafty tendency into profits with you (so, if you’re anything like me, you can support your Starbucks habit, too).

Be inspired and supported as a maker through The Merriweather Council blog and podcast where I share insights from my 8+ years experience selling handmade work online and working with hundreds of students to do the same.


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