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Understanding Free Shipping and Discounting on Etsy

Let's talk about something I hear all of the time. I probably hear it 9 to 10 times a week about Etsy's behavior. There are multiple manifestations, but the general sentiment is: "Etsy is pushing me to do things I don't want to do / can't do." Sellers frequently come to me and say things, or ask things, about how Etsy works as a system and also, how Etsy behaves as a business. Specifically,...

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Holiday Season Motivation for Makers

Holiday Season Motivation for Makers Dear maker, This time of year it can totally feel like everyone else is having success after success and I know 100000% how much it totally blows to feel like you’re the only one not doing well. If you feel like seemingly everyone else is killing it this weekend - like everyone else has stacks of packages to ship out, orders out their ears, and everything is going just swell for everyone but you - please know that EVERYONE is on their own track. Everyone...

A Message All Makers Need to Hear Ahead of the Holiday Season | The Merriweather Council Blog

10 Times People Want to Hear From You

10 times people want to hear from you UH-OH, party foul! Or should we say business foul? Either way, here are 10 of them that you might be committing. Yes, that's right, I'm saying that you keeping quiet is a no-no. When people go out shopping for things they need, it doesn't need to be an experience. It doesn't matter either way if the stroll down the paper towel aisle is entertaining or educational or informative or otherwise memorable. People need paper towels, they go on auto pilot to...

10 Time People Wanted to Hear From You But Didn't | The Merriweather Council Blog

3 No-Lose Ways to Attract Your Target Customer

How to attract your target customer If there is one thing I know for sure it's that many makers in business have struggled - and may even continue to struggle - to identify their ideal customer or target market. You've probably read, watched, and otherwise heard a lot about finding this elusive group of people who will love your product. Most of the time we are working to identify them, but for now I want to talk about attracting them to us. This is a little less involved than identifying...

3 No-Lose Ways to Attract Your Target Customer | The Merriweather Council Blog

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hey, i’m danielle

A maker, craft business ‘biz bestie’ and educator who loves iced americanos and pop music.

My first year in business, I made a whopping $4,000 in revenue from my handmade business (that’s not even enough to support my Starbucks habit). In year two, I earned almost $80,000 in revenue! And guess what? I did NOT make $80K with the same approach that I used to make $4K. Not even close!

Since I saw such a drastic transformation from year one to year two in my business, I know I have to share what I learned about turning a crafty tendency into profits with you (so, if you’re anything like me, you can support your Starbucks habit, too).

Be inspired and supported as a maker through The Merriweather Council blog and podcast where I share insights from my 8+ years experience selling handmade work online and working with hundreds of students to do the same.


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