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We’ve made it to the end of another season of the merriweather council podcast! It is always bittersweet for me to end a season but I truly hope you enjoyed this one as much as I enjoyed making it!

To end this unexpected year, I thought it would be fitting to look ahead. Has a new year EVER been more anticipated?! (Probaby, but I’m not old enough to remember another one so it’s at least been a few decades.)

2020 has been a rollercoaster! 

One for the books. A LOT happened… to say the least.

Because of *gestures widely at everything* all the things going on, the fact that you decided to tune into this podcast, a podcast about building a handmade business, is extra meaningful. We are so honored you allowed us to be a part of your business this year in that way!

With 2021 nearly upon us, I do of course think about my own goals and plans but, I think about yours, too! I am curious – what’s next for you? 

What will you do for your handmade business in 2021?

No clue? Too many ideas? Can’t decide?

I hear you —  the new year can feel really intimidating and abrupt. There are two things I like to do in order to transition into a new year smoothly: Make no ‘resolutions’ – i set INTENTIONS instead, and I like to get a head start on the year so it’s less of an abrupt spiral into a new reality and more of an ease into a new way of things. 

Find success in 2021 with Intentions

It’s much easier to flake on a ‘resolution’ than an intention. With a resolution, it feels like you’ve failed the first time you veer off course. With an intention, you are always SUCCESSFUL as long as you are working, because as long as you have intention at heart, you’re winning, even if you fumble a little bit from time to time. 

Whether you’re feeling a bit ‘deer in headlights’ about 2021, or if you have full clarity, resolution or intention (or whatever you like to have!) we would love to help you make big things happen in 2021.

The Council

As a listener of The Merriweather Council Podcast, or reader of The Merriweather Council Blog, you have now experienced a bit of what we believe, and how we approach handmade business building. You’ve seen our style, you’ve heard my voice, you know by now if we are vibing… but we have only scratched the surface here! 

We have you covered

We have so much more we would love to share with you about all manners of business from finance and time management to marketing and PR. Everything you find yourself wondering about when it comes to building your handmade business we have coverage for inside of The Council.

No matter what you do with your handmade business in 2021, it’s going to require you to show up fully and with confidence and you’ll crave education around all those things you’re always curious about. 

A support network

Whether you intend to build up or focus on your own domain site in 2021 or you’d really like to just continue to hone in on your Etsy shop, you are a business owner. And business owners need nurturing the same way that businesses do. No matter what your plan for 2021 is (and even if you don’t have one yet) YOU need to be supported as a business owner in order to make those plans happen. 

You’ll need mentor and peer support, you’ll want to stay ahead of the curve on marketing, you’ll feel better once you are confident about money… so many things that we need as business owners, no matter where we sell or how much business we desire to do.

Jumpstart your 2021

To give you that head start i mentioned earlier, so we can EASE into 2021 together, prepared and motivated, I want to invite you to our free webinar the 4 must have assets to amplify your handmade business so that you can blast through productivity hurdles and build a thriving craft-based business on your terms without time guilt, constant overwhelm or nagging time management struggles. 

This is an entirely free class that will help you get a handle on what you have to have in 2021 and always if you want to build a business that thrives on YOUR terms.

That’s what you want for 2021 regardless of where you’ll be doing business: to thrive on your own terms without feeling guilty about the time you spend working! 

If you want to join us for the free video series you simply have to click here to RSVP.

RSVP’ing to this free video series will help you get ahead-of-the-curve-time and get that head start for the year ahead.

I hope you’ll join us!

I appreciate all the support, sharing and listening you did for season 7 and we will be back next year with more realistic and concise advice! In the meantime visit us on IG @merriweatherc!

I am wishing you the best possible holiday season and start to the fesh new year! 

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