If your business did well in 2020, own it | Episode 129


2020 threw us a lot of curveballs. Like, a LOT of curveballs. Ups and downs were happening faster than I think most of us prefer.

Everyone’s experience this year was different. But today, I want to chat about what it means if this was a good year for your business.

If your business did well in 2020: own it. If your business did well this year, it’s not ‘just because of covid.”

There was a lot of uncertainty and misery for small business in 2020, no doubt. But there were also a lot of opportunities for businesses that were already established online, especially.

It might be true that people are online more than normal for a variety of reasons. It is ALSO true that If your business is doing well right now, it’s not just because of COVID or because people are online more often.

The success your business saw is not a random coincidence.

One week earlier this year, I had this conversation with four separate business owners. I had this conversation FOUR times with council members and merri Etsy Training course students who were so excited their businesses are doing well right now but nervous that it’s “just because of COVID.”

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I’m positive there are plenty of other small business owners who were having similar feelings.

Your business doing well in 2020 is not a fluke or a happy random coincidence. Your business did well because it was positioned to do well… because of the work you put in all along before the opportunity came to be.

Your business did well because you were positioned for it to do well. You were prepared for it to do well. When your business was slow, you stuck with it, sought help, made changes, invested in education, and stayed focused. You earned. It didn’t just happen.

You don’t go from zero to awesome overnight just because internet usage is up.

All the work you’ve done positioned you to be able to show up, stand out, and be successful during this time.

And by the way, “this time” could be any time for you if you are thinking, “not me, my business is slow.”

If your business is doing well right now, own your wins! Grow your wins!

If your business is slow right now, be assured this can change for you- with proper insights and strategic implementation.

If your business is doing well right now, it’s because you didn’t give up. If your business is slow right now: lean in more, don’t give up. The fact that so many businesses did well this year is proof that this can work for you!

There has NEVER been a better time to lean into your business and your independence. Never!

There is still time and space for you. Your moment might be here sooner than you think – no matter what ushers it in or if it’s sudden or gradual. It’s coming for you but you can’t give up.

Finally, if your business did well this year, let that momentum help you!

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