Business, Goals and Longevity in the Time of COVID-19



As you avid listeners of The Merriweather Council Podcast know, we are between production of podcast seasons right now. However, you might have noticed there are quite a few current events going on and I wanted to pop in out-of-season with a special message for you during these uncertain times. Business in the time of COVID-19 has thrown us for a bit of a loop but WE are well positioned to deal with it. YOU are capable of rising to this challenge.

As entrepreneurs, we are capable of rising to this challenge and weathering this storm. We will do it better if we do it together and support each other. You are inherently up for a challenge – being an entrepreneur requires it! I know you have the creativity, drive, and determination to move through this.

I also want to remind you that the value of what you do is unchanged. Your work is still needed, wanted and valuable. Are things a little mixed up right now? Yes. Are people sorting out a new normal? Yes. Are you still allowed to market your product and not feel guilty doing so? Also yes.

Keep showing up, people are still looking for you.

It will not do anyone any good for you to recoil at this time. Keep showing up. If you can continue to do your work – do it.

Let’s all give each other grace and understanding at this time. We are all going to work through this in a different way. For some, this is an opportunity to lean into business even more, and if that is how you are feeling now, we are here to support you.

If you are struggling to stay focused or would simply like some help getting through these challenges with a positive focus, I want to invite you to attend our free class – the unSLUMP Framework.

In this class, we will outline the 3 major pitfalls to avoid right now and the essential 5 piece framework for turning a slow or challenging time into your most valuable season. We know that life will return to normal eventually and we want to help you be as prepared and as well-positioned for that as possible. It’s so important to keep focus, momentum, and positivity during times like these, so please join us! Get the unSLUMP guide.

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Business in the time of COVID-19 may be a bit wacky but our original plans for this year have remained the same here at Merri HQ and we are excited to welcome new members into the council at the end of April! If you’d like more information about our community (which has always been 100% virtual and entirely anti-viral!) pop over to this link for a behind the scenes tour and to get on the waitlist! We cannot wait to support you as you lean into your business this year. We have so many amazing things planned.

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Stay well.

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