Crafting + Art Making

Working with Vintage Photos + Fabric

I've been having a lot of fun collecting and working with vintage photos for my snapshot hoop collection.  I have a pretty long history with using found imagery in my projects. In high school I mostly worked on collages both digitally and analog-ly. I have always loved cutting things up and...

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Making The Jane Market Bag

A couple weekends ago I took a class at Grey's Fabric & Notions in Boston's South End taught by Lisa of Red Staggerwing in which I made the Jane Market Bag (pattern by Alicia Paulson) - an adorable, simple tote bag for carrying books, groceries, or any other such things that you might need to...

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About Those Crazy Glasses

Some of you may have seen the interview I did for April and Mayi's Creative Business planning book - and I'm sure that if you did, you noticed that crazy picture of me. (This is the link to the actual interview) the picture in question Some people have asked me about what's going on here and I...

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Something I Said.

  The following is an excerpt from my interview with Jess Van Den on Scoutie Girl... How did you come to settle on fibres as your favourite creative medium? As a kid I learned to crochet and sew. These two processes allowed me to provide quite nicely for my family of four American Girl dolls....

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Me and My Craftastic Tools

I love tools! I think this is genetic, I get it from my dad, he also loves tools. Right, mom?! People like us get very sad without our tools... See? No tools... sadness. Anyway, I thought it's be fun to show you some of my favorite tools! Thread snip and scissors... I really love the way the...

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