Merriweather Stitchery

Turning Family Photos Into Handmade Gifts

A few years ago I started turning family photos into handmade gifts using vintage imagery in my embroidered hoops. I love looking at vintage photos and I super ultra loved using them in my textile pieces. In November, my mother in law emailed me two images of her parents and asked me about the...

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Welcome Back, Friends – I’m Starting the Next Chapter

Oh I am so happy to have you back here! Thanks for being patient while I worked on some back end sprucing and such. Let's catch up a bit. What a crazy crazy year it has been - mostly in good ways, but in some strange ways too. I've made a few decisions about the future of Merriweather that I would...

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Personalized Phrenology Embroidered Hoops

I've added a new product to my shop that I am very excited about! Personalized Phrenologies for those of us with slight obsessions and one track minds! You can see by the samples I made that I have a bit of a food brain... These are customizable and made to order and I can't wait to see what kinds...

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About the PRIM Collection

My very first ever official collection is coming along and I am so excited to give you the first small peek at some of the fabrics I am using to give you a sense of the look/ feel! I am going to take february to really get things together and bring this collection to you in March. Did I mention is...

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Embroidery of Discontent

This embroidered fabric hoop expresses discontent and general 'do-not-give-a-hoot'ness. Please note that sometimes discontent involves expletives, as you likely already know. This is my first hoop the has an expletive in it. When the mood strikes, you know... I actually took a look at the...

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