Merriweather Stitchery

The Full Set of Featured Seller Photos

I was basically thrilled out of my face when Etsy asked me to be featured seller... or as they call it now, featured shop. They asked for 10-15 images of me working and of product etc. Only a few of the ones I sent made the cut but here are the rest! *bloopers included   You can read my...

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Custom Hand Embroidery For Your Wedding

I don't know much about wedding planning but I do know you want your wedding to be PERFECT. Obviously. And you certainly have a vision for it and you are trying to find all the pieces to bring together to get your wedding looking in real life like it does in your mind.   Can I help? Perhaps...

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Some New Features!

Mentioned on Love My Dress! I was getting some traffic from this blog so I went exploring and I found this beautiful feature on Sara and Dave's wedding! Sara had ordered necklaces from me for her bridesmaids! Check it out here! Also, please note there is a Barbie cake which is awesome. That is...

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This week is brought to you by the letter E

Last week, a customer asked if I could do an edwardian script E rather than the E I usually offer for her necklace. I said, heck yeah I can do that. And then, something strange happened, and I became obsessed with the letter E. Photographic evidence:     I looked at the other letters in...

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