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Hosting our membership experience, The Council, is one of my biggest business joys! Hearing about wins our members experience, though, really puts a cherry on top.

We recently asked Council Members to share their biggest wins of the year so far – whatever they felt amazing about! We love to celebrate these wins with them and it’s an honor to be a small part of so many big, bold, inspiring dreams.

The responses blew me away!

I knew our members were out there living the reality of running their dream businesses but, still. So much to celebrate. This community is inspiring and with their permission I’m going to share some of their wins with you here!

It should go without saying, but I’ll say it anyway: our Members are real people, running real businesses alongside being parents, holding full time or part time jobs, having families, friends, pets, hobbies and other responsibilities.

Melissa, and Angela both had products featured in prominent places. Who wouldn’t be thrilled to see their product on TV or in a magazine!? Product features are fun but they mean more and have greater impact when your site and brand are set up to convert. I’m so glad that we are able to provide our members with the training and resources to know how to maximize opportunities like these.

melissa council win
angela council win
Sarah won a fellowship offered through Nest. AMAZING!! The fellowship includes mentorship from 3 social media experts who will help Sarah make and implement a social media plan! Pretty awesome that she will be able to pair this knowledge with all of her own learning and years of experience. We can’t wait to see how this impacts her business.
Council Win #11 | The Merriweather Council
Our member Sarah QUIT HER JOB and is now in her business full time! Congrat, Sarah!! This is a massive win and several years in the making! We are honored to have been witness to the incredible work Sarah has put in and the growth she’s achieved with her business.
sarah S council win

Jessica saw an incredible revenue goal realized! She surpassed her 2020 total revenue within the first half of 2021. Amazing!!

jessica K council win
Lynee and Kayla saw increases in their wholesale success. Kayla now has 12 wholesale clients, up from 1 last year! Lynne’s jewelry is now available with 16 stockists!! Congrats to both of them!
jessica K council win
The wins were meaningful in so many various ways – beating personal bests, doing new things for the first time, seeing things through to the other side that were challenging and so much more. We are so proud of all these successes.
emily council win
jessica council win
grace council win
michelle council win

Michelle told me that she was able to pay herself for months off while she was going through a breakup and moving and that her average order value nearly doubled in the past year! She told me that her visits are down, about 35% of what they were but that those visits are generating 68% of her revenue with “almost no marketing.” WHOA. (We do have two incredible lessons about increasing your average order value inside of The Council as well as a Resident Marketing Expert to lend advice and feedback!)

When we talk about “success” in business with our Members, we know that there are so many iterations and ways to feel and see success. All of these goals and any other goals people have are valid and supported. We know that no one starts a business to live out someone else’s version of success so we always encourage our makers to commit to their own vision and mission!

Council Members occupy several different levels of business from beginner to veteran entrepreneur! This creates community, not division because everyone in The Council has the same mindset when it comes to their business: they want to thrive on their own terms.

All of our Council Members are growing and winning in their season alongside each other! Regardless of where they are at, they all want to be helpful to others and share their wins and struggles, they all want to receive support and ask for help when they need it. These attitudes are not determined by current level but by big picture goal. All of our members are on the same level when it comes to the big picture goal: they want to build a business that feels good to them and that thrives on their own terms. Join us if you are reaching towards the same goal. The impact that a supportive community of colleagues can have on our business cannot be overstated. Makers see success sooner when they are fully supported, encouraged, confident and educated! See how we make it happen in The Council here.

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Oh, hi! Welcome to The Merriweather Council. I’m Danielle and I am a maker in business and mentor to other makers in business. I teach you how to turn your crafty tendencies into profits!

Oh, I’m also really into crafts, boy bands + iced coffee. Email me anytime to say hello or send cute Backstreet Boy videos or dog pictures .. or whatever! danielle (at) merriweathercouncil.com Thanks for stopping by.

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