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In my undergraduate program, on any given day, in any given class, you could confidently bet money on the chance that despite the fact that a lesson was taking place, or a lecture was being given, a handful of people would be busily working away on something in their hands, with their heads down.
Crafters Listen with Their Ears | The Merriweather Council Blog

This is what artists do. They listen with their ears, not their eyes.

Some people, mainly those who do not listen this way, seem to believe that if your head is down, and your hands are busy, you are not listening.

Since when do you listen with your eyes?

I understand that seeing the tops of people’s heads and watching them give their attention to what they are working on may not make it seem like they are listening or absorbing what’s being told to them.

And maybe it appears rude, but I, and many of the people who i’ve spoken to about this, believe that working on something with our hands, helps us focus on what we were hearing.

Staying actively engaged with both things is not impossible, in fact, it’s probable. Our teachers (mostly) understood this. At least we weren’t falling asleep…

Also, how many T.V. shows have you only heard and not seen? Tons I’m sure… movies too…
I listen with my ears, not my eyes.

Do you listen with your ears?



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