Episode 010: Talking About What you do – Crafting Your Elevator Pitch and Words to Banish


Episode 010: Talking About What you do - Crafting Your Elevator Pitch and Words to Banish | the merriweather council podcast

Talking about what you do when you’re an entrepreneur is hard. You do so many things! And sometimes the people around us aren’t as familiar with the field we work in – sometimes they don’t even know it’s “a thing” so we have to be even more choose-y with our words. Lots of times, we end up just rambling. We sputter off a bunch of words because we feel like their lack of understanding will translate to them thinking we aren’t doing much or that what we are doing isn’t going to amount to much and we feel ashamed by that… so we meet them there.

We meet them at their thoughts of “yeah that’s not real” or “well that won’t go too far” or “there’s no market for that” and we start saying what we do but say it in the most self deprecating way. It’s like we are afraid of being judged by them, so we just go ahead and make it clear we are all on the same page here: what I do is just some little thing and it’s no big deal. This is something we need to stop doing immediately. More for ourselves than for anyone else, but getting clear talking points here will make our interactions with other people happier and more successful!

In this episode:

  • Words you need to stop using when talking about what you do.
  • Why you need an elevator pitch.
  • Steps for crafting one.

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