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Some people have a really hard time selling their work. They feel attached to it, they feel like no one will ever appreciate it as much as they do, or they have sentimental attachment to it (or what it’s made of), or maybe they feel they will never be able to duplicate… whatever the reason is, they simply do not enjoy parting with their work.

On the other hand, people like me, just as simply cannot freaking wait to sell something! Everything I make I want to sell. I have no problem putting something in the envelope, sending it off and never seeing it again. As long as it gets to the buyer – I’m good.

These are two very opposite positions – not wanting to sell anything ever, and wanting to sell everything all the time.

If you are like me, and you absolutely love selling the things you make, I dare you (yes, dare you) to make something “Not For Sale”.

Make something just for you! Something that you know, right from the start, you aren’t going to sell. This is different than keeping the “things that don’t work out” for yourself.

Make something that is exactly what you planned for it to be, and keep it for yourself. Something Free of all errors that is just as wonderful as what you would sell someone!

When you make something that you love, but you have committed to not selling, you will be motivated to make another… and that one you can sell… you can make more more more and sell them all. But the first one is yours – do not keep it for a little and then decide to sell it. Do not leave it to the side and “decide later” NO! Decide NOW, before you start it even, that it is yours and it is not for sale. It won’t work otherwise. You won’t feel the same about it.

And even though this post is not directed at the people who have a hard time selling – I will say that you too will feel empowered after you sell your first piece of artwork. There is nothing quite like it – the validation you get from knowing someone wants something you made and is willing to pay for it. This is a very good confidence boost, and If you have the opportunity to sell something, give it try.

Have you experienced this? Making something for yourself? Making something for yourself that isn’t from the “left over” pile of “things I can’t sell”?

I’m going to try to do this more often. 

I’m also going to finish that blanket I started crocheting last year… (crocheters, don’t know how you do it, for real…)

& My first guest post is up on Blacksburg Belle. It’s an interview! Yay!


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