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Empowered Crafting - 5 Ways to Make Old Work New Again | The Merriweather Council Blog

Okay, so you have this thing – or a few things – that you make and you make well – excellent.

But you are getting bored, right? Or maybe you feel uninspired and are just on auto pilot with said thing.

Rev it up! Here is how:

1. Add a new element to your product!

An example of this would be my embroidered hoops – I had been making them for years – and I still really enjoyed making them, but I was stagnating. It was the same sort of thing over and over. They were still nice pieces, but for me, they were becoming a bit dull.

carpe diem vintage embroidery hoop vintage photos

I decided to add a new element to them and I introduced the use of vintage imagery. This was a super fun and inspiring step for me to take. It was a small tweak on the surface – the final product was the same – but the process was more exciting on my end, and I had changed it enough for it to be new and fun again for people who follow my work.

On the back end, I was having fun sourcing the images and experimenting with them. This made me feel motivated and excited to do work again. That is one of the most essential things to staying on track: inspiration. Once inspiration runs dry – the rest is history so to say.

This idea of adding a new element can go beyond products…

2. Spruce up the packaging.

What about your packaging? Can you somehow add or modify it to make it different and/ or more interesting? There is no shortage of package inspiration out there – browse pinterest or supply sources online and see if anything strikes your fancy for a fun and simple packing tweak.

3. Experiment with styled photography.

Adding one or two well chosen props to your product photos can give them an editorial feel and really elevate the sophistication factor. Experiment with it and see what you like, just remember that these props are not the main subject, they are there to help bring attention to the product and make it look even better. This is also an opportunity to show how the item might be used – worn, hung- etc.

How can you add a new element to one of your crafts? If you always use white lace – maybe you can experiment with dying it a new color. If you always use linen, maybe you can try silk!

This is really an exercise in expanding your repertoire. Even if your initial idea doesn’t pan out – or you don’t like the end result you get with your new element, you will likely stumble upon something in your efforts that you can benefit from and use somehow, someway, some time.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes.



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