Episode 002: Rethinking Blogging for Product Sellers

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Episode 002: Rethinking Blogging for Product Sellers | the merriweather council podcast

Can I get an AMEN?

Product sellers live in a service business advice world. And some of that information applies to us out of the box, other times it needs modification and rethinking in order to really make any sense for us! But no one has time for that, that’s what I’m here for. Having worked on both sides of this – product and service – I am able to see how we can apply these service strategies with or without modification and HOW to modify them for best results. One of these topics that gets covered A TON, but with advice that primarily works for people like coaches or consultants, is blogging.

Blogging can work for product based businesses, too! And in this episode I explain how. The Merriweather Council Podcast is all about presenting you with REALISTIC advice and insights. It is NOT realistic for a handmade shop owner to blog every week about their product. I know this because it’s what I experienced and what I see many of my friends and students in that space experience as well. There are many reasons this approach to blogging doesn’t work as well for product sellers, and if you are one, I’m sure you have a few of your own reasons!

In this episode I chat about:

  • Why blogging works
  • … but why it doesn’t have to be an every week thing in order to work for you.
  • How to reap the benefits of blogging without being a “blogger.”
  • A simple way to create blog content for your handmade business.
  • An example of a blog post you could write that has the potential to go viral and reach hundreds of new, interested prospects

Blog Topic Ideas

Supporting Info – the supporting info post explains how to make better use of your product. Think: printing, display, usage tips.

Behind the scenes – “A surprising look at/ behind the scenes of ____”

Custom project highlights reel – “# fun ways to customize____”

Round up – a collection of links or resources that correspond to or support your product. Example: you sell lunch boxes, you write a post “# easy snacks to make at home that stay fresh all day” etc.

Material Highlight – “# reasons why ___material i use___ are superior for ___product i make___”

Shop with us – A list of all the places people can shop with you – which can be updated periodically.

How-To – How to select the best color combo, size, shape, etc for a certain room, person, or other variable related to your product.

Here is an example of a blog post I wrote that targeted my ideal customer for my hoop art that reflects the ideas outlined in this episode. This post still brings traffic to my blog and shop even though it is a few years old! This would be considered a “supporting info” post.

Listen to this episode to find out how to make blogging work for you as a product seller!

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  1. This is so helpful! It’s really difficult to come up with ideas that aren’t just: “Here’s my new…”. And sometimes there isn’t anything new! :)

  2. I’m trying to wrap my head around this, because I’ve had it DRILLED into me to blog every single week. Truly, I get a heckuva lot more views on my website than I do either my etsy or ravelry shops, so without my blog, I don’t think I’d be selling anything. I create free patterns from time to time that I can market all over the place as a way to drive traffic back to my site. “free knitting pattern” is the top most searched knitting related term according to google, so free patterns really are a traffic generator. I also come up with free craft project tutorials to drive traffic. I write about my paid patterns in a fun way when I publish new ones. I’m not really sure how I would get my name out there and grow my business without having that weekly blog feature to market. I understand your post ideas, but without having all that additional weekly content to market on Pinterest and Instagram, I think my sales would suffer. And honestly, I’m not sustainable now. My goal is to continue building my evergreen content library and then market that same stuff over and over while releasing new patterns. I’m going to get busy creating my own tutorial videos and short podcast style videos and hope that will grow my audience at a better pace. It’s challenging to know where best to spend your time. But when I check my etsy stats, my site very often refers as many viewers or more than what’s inside etsy. But I’m getting tired with the constant content creation cycle. I have the ideas and I love putting it together. But my ability to publish new products has suffered greatly, and I find myself working around the clock to keep up with very little financial reward. It’s quite frustrating.

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