Episode 006: Thoughts on Creativity, Art, Design and Craft

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Episode 006: Thoughts on Creativity, Art, Design and Craft | the merriweather council podcast

In this episode I share some thoughts that I just KNOW you will get on board with. Throughout my life I have felt drawn to art, design and craft and my experience in my BFA program was a little bit weird for me. I’ll share with you why and what my personal take on the connection between art, craft and design really is. I’ll also talk about validity in your creative career and why I don’t think you need a degree. Tun in now to hear it all!

In this episode:

  • The blurry / non existent line between art, design and craft.
  • Why you don’t need a degree in order for your work to be valid.
  • Why I don’t lead with my college credentials.
  • Why I think creativity is a hugely valuable element in our society.
  • Much more!

Listen now and feel free to share your creativity philosophy with me in the comments!

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  1. YESSSSSS this is exactly how I feel about being creative. Yes artists are creative but just because you might not be great at fine art doesn’t mean you aren’t creative. It also means that just because you didn’t take art classes doesn’t mean you won’t be great at fine art. My high school art teacher told me my painting was awful so I never thought I would be a painter and 8 years later I’m selling my paintings because in January I just decided to pick up a paint brush and try it for myself. I think there’s a lot of value in self taught creatives.

    • That is so amazing!! Im glad to hear it!!

  2. True true true. I went to school for fashion design; have a degree in womenswear. I’ve been making and selling bags before I graduated till now. Some things translate from making clothing to making bags, but whenever someone asks where I learned to make bags, I always say I’m a self taught bag maker by way of clothes-making. I don’t have a degree in accessories design, but that doesn’t devalue what I do, only I can define that. Plus I know my products have value because people keep buying them. There’s SO MUCH that isn’t taught in school about design, being creative, etc. I love your expanded definition of creativity; everyone has it!

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