Episode 016: OMG. Those Annoying DIY Comments

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Episode 016: OMG. Those Annoying DIY Comments | the merriweather council podcast

“So cute! I’m going to make this!”

“I love this! Where did you get the fabric? I want to make one for myself.”

“OMG @MyCraftyFriendWhoCanMakeThisForMe Will you make this for me?”

WOW. They are SO annoying.

If you have ever posted your handmade work online you’ve probably gotten some sort of comment like one of the above. Extra prevalent on Instagram, these DIY comments can really throw us for a loop because they FEEL insulting. When you’ve spend your working hours building business based on your craft and someone reduces it to a Saturday afternoon DIY project, it can really make your blood boil. If you have experienced this sort of thing online, then you will want to listen to this episode!

In this episode I talk about:

  • The reality behind these comments.
  • What these DIY commenters might mean and what they might not realize.
  • Why I don’t think you need to worry too much about DIYers, but what I suggest you do with their comments.
  • Your options on dealing with these types of comments. Should you ignore? Delete? Respond? I discuss.
  • And more!

Listen now and share your approach to or experience with these types of comments below.


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  1. Oh my gosh, I get this all the time on my S’more Kits!

    I say go for it. Let me know how that works out for you. Was it worth it?

    lol! Up until now, I’ve let those comments sit. Going forward, I think I’ll delete.

    I appreciate what you said about how it’s a space that I’ve cultivated.

    Also, I agree with the idea that this could potentially plant a seed in someone else’s head.

    Whether or not it’s intentional, it’s rude and totally undervaluing. Ignorant at best. I don’t know why I’ve always thought it would be ‘rude’ to delete. My funny wiring, I suppose.

    Thanks for the refresh on that mindset!

    • Yes! I agree, it might not be intentionally rude but it still … is!! I think it’s important for people to take ownership of their spaces. Just like if someone came into your house and said something rude or acted inappropriately you wouldn’t invite them back!

  2. What unnerves me mores than anything is what happened to me at my very first market this past spring:
    Here I am nervously manning my 10 x 10 that I had worked my TUSH off for the past four months to prepare (I had only been selling on etsy up until then) and I had two instances where customers stood less than 5 feet from me and discussed their plans to duplicate my dreamcatchers, even going so far as to take pictures while discussing! One time it was two grown women turning it over, inspecting and pointing out details, and snapping photos. I swear I was seeing red. My mom had come to support me (I was really nervous and shy about selling in person) and she nudged me, suggesting I walk over and hand them a business card, but I was just frozen. Their blatant disrespect just shut me down. It was a CRAFT FAIR for heavens sake…!!
    Over time, I’ve gotten over seeing my pins pinned to someones’ ‘DIY’ board … but that kind of callousness in front of my face really got to me. :/ I have my second market coming up this weekend and I’m feeling pretty anxious about how I’ll handle it, its so hard to brush it off when they are doing it in person!

    • Oh gosh, that makes me so upset for you!!! That is just RUDE. flat out RUDE. MUCH harder to deal with that in person, I agree. UGH I hope that never happens again. I would encourage you to be bold and either make a sign or speak up and say no photos please. I assure you that is NOT the norm. Perhaps that market wasn’t advertised to the right people. Anything can happen but don’t let it get you down. People can be so awful without realizing!!

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