Episode 090: The First Three Steps to Etsy Success


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If you Google “Etsy success” a bunch of articles about tips, hacks and tricks will likely show up. Some of that is probably helpful (particularly if its from merriweathercouncilblog.com wink) but these things actually are only useful or relevant AFTER the FIRST, TRUE and surprising keys to Etsy success.

It’s true that being successful on Etsy DOES include strategy in listings, photos, etc. (We can teach you all of it in our Etsy Training Course.) But that stuff won’t get you very far if you haven’t gotten on board with these first essential Three Steps to Etsy Success.

I’m going to reveal them to you in today’s episode in depth but here they are:

  • Resiliency
  • Believing in the unique power of Etsy
  • Not falling for silly Etsy rumors

Yup. Those are them.

My Three Steps to Etsy Success.

Surprising right? I know! It does seem like that. I didn’t mention SEO or having pretty photos or a certain number of listings. Because none of that matters if you are slowed down and not even present on Etsy. So many people start shops that don’t get very far. Sometimes it is because the shop owner heard a rumor that scared them off thinking it was true. Or the seller didn’t really really see the value in Etsy as a platform, so they didn’t exert enough energy there. Sometimes people don’t get very far on Etsy because a change to the platform felt like a bigger deal than it actually was.

All the tips, the best strategy in the world won’t matter if you hear some crazy Etsy rumor, believe it’s true and get discouraged. You have to be present and optimistic in order for those tips and strategies to work.

We here at MWC do not want you to miss out on the opportunity of Etsy or being successful there because of rumors, platform changes, or lack of resiliency!! Listen to this episode with an open mind and it’ll all make sense.

Click over here to watch our Etsy Myth Busting video!


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