Episode 092: Why You Need to Stop Leading With Discounts



Stop leading with discounts!

Ohhh, snap.

Some of you are not going to like this. How do i know? I speak about this quite a bit and every time I do, a handful of people reach out to say they disagree. I’m cool with that. I’m perfectly fine with disagreement. I just still really believe in this message. It’s my truth… but it doesn’t have to be yours.

My job is not to twist your arm about something you’re not into. I don’t find any joy in convincing people to do things they really do not want to do. My job is to share insights that I believe you could learn or benefit from. If you happen to find something I say valuable and worth trying then I’ve done my job. So listen to this episode with an open mind, and decide for yourself based on DATA.

The subject of this episode is discounting. The conceptual summary of this episode though is to stop leading with discounts so you can stop setting expectations you do not want people to have of you and your business. Everyone will be happier in that scenario: you AND your customers. Probably also your family because if you’re unhappy, they probably aren’t as pleased with that. So really, this is just a trickle down feel good strategy.

I’m sharing my experience with you, and that includes as a seller, as a consumer and as someone who has heard from and worked with hundreds of other handmade business owners – and I hope that you can learn from it!


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