Episode 093: Top Considerations for Paying to Advertise Your Handmade Business


Paying to advertise your handmade business seems like a really good option and it is likely you have considered it. You’ve probably seen it work really well for others. You have also probably seen or heard of experience that others had with paid advertising that were not profitable at all.

Today’s episode includes several things. It actually could have been two separate episodes but the ideas really piggy back on each other so I kept them together!

In this episode:

  • A summary of paid traffic types
  • Why I think you should NOT run paid ads to an Etsy shop
  • The key factor in determining if you should run paid traffic at all
  • Etsy optimization
  • Etsy promoted listings + a realist that Etsy sellers need to acknowledge about search
  • When paid advertising is a good option
  • MORE

This episode is chock full, y’all.

I’m going in depth on explaining why you don’t want to pay to advertise your handmade business, or send paid traffic to an Etsy shop. You also don’t want to send paid traffic to any site at all if that site is not organically converting already. If you get organic (warm) traffic to your site and it doesn’t convert, there is a very good likelihood that your colder traffic that would come from paid ads also will not convert. What I mean by that is: do not pay to promote something that hasn’t proven itself yet.

But of course I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that paying to advertise your handmade business IS a good option, it just has to be implemented at the right time to the right place. (That’s a huge part of the reason why sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t!)

If you are going to spend money on any kind of ad that ad should direct people to a place where its all about you – where you are the star of the show. If you need help optimizing Etsy that’s what we do in the Merriweather Council Etsy Training Course.

Your shop needs to be optimized for whatever action you want people to take while they are there. For most of you that means sales. If you are getting any traffic and none of it converts, DO NOT try to increase traffic with a paid ad. that traffic is even less likely to convert.

As for my fellow Etsy sellers: there is no downside to optimizing listings at all! Your promoted listings will perform better if they are listings that are optimized to begin with. And the optimization strategies you can implement in your shop will ONLY help you out, day after day, across the board. (You can get a significant head start on learning what all goes into optimizing your shop and why it’s so important during my Free Etsy Masterclass – and we have some sessions coming up soon! Click here to register to attend this free class.) Optimization goes so far beyond search results, my friends, make no mistake!

I hope you love this episode!


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