Episode 094: The Modern Marketing Strategy


Is there a subject I enjoy speaking about more than the Backstreet Boys? Honestly, no. Will I take any opportunity to discuss them at length? Absolutely, yes.

And that is what I’m doing on this episode of the merriweather council podcast but for a very good reason: there is so much to learn from the launch of their most recent album, and their use of a modern marketing strategy.

You’ve heard me talk about Taylor Swift and her marketing genius, and you’ve heard me talk about Gilmore Girls and the business lessons they illustrate perfectly. Now we can add BSB to the list of pop culture entities we can learn business lessons from.

For their tenth studio album, DNA, the backstreet boys pulled out a lot of modern marketing strategies that not only created a widespread buzz but also triggered deep emotional connections in their existing fan base. And as we know, that is a recipe for success.

So what did they do? Why did it work? What specific things did they do to activate their existing fan base’s emotional response? Listen to this episode to learn all about it. It was FASCINATING. Certainly, yes, I am a fan and I would have showed up either way – BUT because of the lead up to this release, I definitely showed up in a much bigger way than I have in the past for other releases.

LOOK at how happy I was on the day this album came out. Fan base was LIT, you guys. Please enjoy this gratuitous image of me being an absolute goober fangirl.

In this episode:

  • A brief history of my deep obsession with pop culture
  • Another brief history, this time about BSB
  • WHY the release of this particular album was SO important
  • How the Backstreet Boys used modern marketing to get back to number one.
  • The traditional marketing that also helped
  • How this all relates to you and marketing your handmade business
  • A few personal anecdotes

Here’s that super fun “web series” I mentioned
(I still have no idea why i called it a web series.)

And the video for No Place that you have to love unless you have a dark, cold heart.

The modern marketing strategy along with traditional strategies that were used in the release of DNA can all absolutely be translated to your own business. Don’t miss this episode.

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